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Intake Form FAQ

Intake forms are a great tool for collecting key information from your patients. This tool is very flexible in Jane, and we’ve collected a couple of common questions that might help you as you set up your forms.

This is an FAQ page. If you are looking to set up Intake Forms, we’d recommend taking a look at this page.

The consent portion will need to be kept within the intake form. However, you can still create a consent-specific intake form on its own. This is helpful if consents need to be acknowledged, signed off on and properly documented.

For more information on this process, you can check out our guide doc on Using Intake Forms for Consent to Treat or Update Forms

Can I require patients to fill out the intake form prior to their appointment?

While we would hope that all patients would complete their intake form prior to their first appointment, there isn’t a way to make the form itself mandatory.

However, Jane will send out an Intake Form Reminder 24 hours before their appointment time to help prompt them to complete the form prior to their appointment. Check out our Intake Form Reminder Email FAQ for more detailed information.

Is it possible to have the intake form completed before a patient books an appointment?

No - At the moment, automatic intake forms are tied strictly to appointment bookings and there isn’t a way to have them sent out without one. This is because intake forms are assigned to specific sessions, disciplines, or staff members to be sent out before a patient’s first appointment.

Is there an alert when a patient completes the intake form?

No - Staff members will not be notified when an intake form is completed. The recommendation here would be to pop into Chart tab within their Profile:

or the Online Intake Forms widget for form completion. Completed Intake Forms will have a date and timestamp to the right of the intake form.

Where can I find the completed intake form?

To check the status of an intake form, you can head to the Patient’s Profile and review the Online Intake Forms widget, or under the Charts tab within their Profile.

Why did a patient not receive an intake form automatically?

Clinics might sometimes wonder why intake forms are not sent automatically to patients. Here are some things to consider that would contribute to whether or not Jane sends an intake form:

  • Does the patient have an email or a valid email on their profile and have the appointment notifications enabled.
  • If the intake form is set to be Automatically Sent or Manually Sent.
  • If it is set to Automatically Send, do the Appointment Types match the appointment that was booked?
  • Has the patient reviewed their Thanks for Booking or Appointment Reminder emails? These emails will contain the intake forms and have a Fill Out Intake Forms button.
  • If you haven’t indicated a Valid For timeframe or Require for new & existing patients as of this date, Jane will check to see if this patient has filled in this form before. If they have, it won’t be sent again.

Pro Tip💡: Head over to the Messages tab of a patient profile to see all communications Jane has sent to them. This is a great area to start investigating what happened with their notifications. Here’s a link to our Messages Log guide that goes over this area of their profile in a bit more detail

Of course, if you stumble across a situation where you feel a form should have been sent that doesn’t fit the above examples, please reach out to us directly to troubleshoot this with us further!

Can I send insurer-specific intake forms?

When setting up how Intake Forms should be sent, you can specify a form to be sent out based on:

  • Staff Member
  • Discipline
  • Specific Treatments

With this in mind, we’re not able to send which form is sent out based on the insurer type. However, clinics might consider the following two options in this case:

  1. Send insurer-specific forms manually when you see a patient has a specific insurer.
  2. Set up insurer-specific appointment types, so you can utilize the Specific Treatments category.

Do Jane’s intake forms auto-save as a patient is filling them out?

When a patient is filling out an intake form, the forms are saved when someone moves from one step to another. For example, if someone presses the blue Next button after completing their demographics, this will save their demographics.

It’s worth noting that since intake forms are saved when moving between steps, a very comprehensive Questionnaire portion will take time to complete. Patients should complete this in one go to not lose their progress if they navigate away partway through a section.

Can I add my cancellation policy to my intake form?

If you’re using Jane Payments and have set up your form to require a patient to add their credit card when completing this form, then this will automatically be added.

If you’re not collecting credit card information in your Intake Forms, then we would recommend adding your Cancellation Policy to the Consents area of your form.

You can do this when you’re editing a form (Settings > Forms & Surveys > View Forms > Edit) by navigating to the “Consents” tab. You can add the language you’d like your patients to agree to here:

Is there a time limit for a patient to complete their intake form?

When a patient is sent a form automatically, it will appear in that patient’s profile as a Pending form. If after all of the reminders the patient still does not complete the form by the time that the appointment happens, it will expire. These can be prompted again manually, or you can also set up Require for New & Existing Patients as of this date so that this form will continue to be prompted to the patient, even if they don’t complete it after the first appointment it was prompted for.

Can I send an intake form via SMS?

No - Intake Forms can only be sent via email. However, a patient can still complete their intake form on a mobile device from the email they’ve received or by logging into their My Account portal

Can I print intake form or make a PDF from an intake form?

While Jane doesn’t have a dedicated feature to print or save a blank intake form as a PDF, one way you can accomplish this is by Previewing your template and using your browser’s ability to print the page.

You can head over to your Settings tab, then scroll down and click on Forms & Surveys. From there, you’ll click View Forms on the Intake Form section:

Next, select  Preview on the form you want to print:

Then on the preview page, you can right-click on the page and choose Print to print a hard copy or save it as PDF.

While this isn’t a functionality that the team is currently exploring, we always love to hear feedback on the features in Jane! You can share your feedback here.

Can I upload/import Intake Form Template into Jane?

No - We can’t upload/use or import an intake form template that was created outside of Jane as an intake form template (i.e. a PDF, docx or paper copy). With that said, we have a pretty wide range of templates available in our Template Library that you can pick from and customize to make your own!

Can I merge duplicate intake forms I created by mistake?

No - At this time, you cannot merge two intake forms together under the Settings tab > Forms & Surveys area of your Jane account.

As a workaround, you can have two tabs open, and copy over the duplicate information to the primary form. Once all the information that you’d like is consolidated into the primary form, you can go ahead and archive the secondary form.

How can I disable the 24-hour intake form reminder email?

There isn’t a direct way to disable this specific notification at this time. As a workaround, you can select Do Not Email within the client or patient’s profile. It’s important to note that this is an overall switch and will disable all notifications from Jane from the moment this setting is changed.

We’d love it if you’d add your feedback so we can use it as we think about how to continue building on this feature. You can share your feedback on this feature request post here.

Can I create intake forms in multiple languages?

Currently, there can only be one language preference within the Jane account. The questions in the Profile Field are displayed according to your language setting in Jane. But Intake Form Questionnaire & Consent section is completely customizable, you could create a copy of the intake form and manually type out your questions/consents in the other language. So, we recommend creating one intake form in your primary language and another one in whatever language you would like.

Since Jane is web-based, clients could choose to use their browser translation feature to translate into any language they like.

How do I archive an intake form?

To archive an intake form, a user with Full Access can head over to the Settings tab, then scroll down and click on Forms & Surveys. On the next page that opens up, you’ll want to click on View Forms on the Intake Form section:

From there, you’ll click on Edit to the far right of the intake form that you’d like to archive:

Lastly, you can click on the Archive button to make sure the form is no longer active across the account.

🔥Hot tip: All the archived intake forms will be hidden but you can find them under the Forms & Surveys section by clicking on Show Archived button.

If you’d ever want to reuse these forms, you can simply click on the form and choose Save and Unarchive option.

How to delete or edit an Intake Form in Patient Profile?


If a client completes the same intake form within 24 hours, Jane will replace the first form with the second. Jane would still update the completed form if it was accessed within 24 hours, even if the form was resent manually.

Once an Intake form is submitted/completed by the client it cannot be edited or changed outside the 24hrs. In this case, a new intake form can be emailed to the client if they need to update any information. Since it is outside 24 hours, when the same Intake Form is sent to a client, Jane does not override the first completed form but creates an additional saved Intake Form each time the client completes it. Clinics can choose to delete the duplicate completed forms if needed.


Any Completed or In Progress Intake Forms, can be deleted from an individual patient’s profile.

NOTE📍: An Intake Form can only be deleted by the Account Owner unless the Intake Form was completed by a staff member. In that case, the authoring staff member can also delete the Intake Form.

To delete these forms, you’ll want to head over to the Patient Profile and then scroll down to the Online Intake forms section, click on the three horizontal black dots and select Delete Intake Form from the dropdown menu.

Keep in mind that this deletion is permanent and cannot be undone.

🔥Hot tip: If you’d like to move the completed intake form into another client profile, you can choose the change patient option 👆 and select the patient from the list.

As an added measure, Jane will ask if you’re certain about this change as well. You’ll need to type in the case-sensitive text within the box before the red Delete button can be selected.

If the form is in the Pending state, there is a little bit of a workaround that you’ll need to use to get this deleted.

To delete the form, you’ll first want to bump the form into an In Progress state first. To do this, you’ll click on the blue Intake form hyperlink from the Patient Profile.

Within the pop-up window, you’ll want to select the blue Continue as a Staff Member button. This action is what shifts the form into an In Progress state. Now you can go ahead and close the intake form.

Lastly, you can give the page a little refresh and you’ll be able to click on the three horizontal black dots to the right of the form to delete it.

NOTE📍: One important thing to note here is that pending forms can not be deleted if the patient has an upcoming appointment where the form is required, or the form has a Required For New and Existing Patients as of this Date set. The form will return to pending once it has been deleted.

The pending form will drop off automatically once the upcoming appointment has passed. In the case of the form being required, the patient will either need to complete the form, or the clinic will want to update the Required as of this Date field in the Intake Form’s settings (Settings tab > Forms & Surveys > View Forms on the Intake Form section > Edit).

How to limit intake form access or hide completed intake forms from a practitioner/clinician/staff?

Currently, there isn’t an option to adjust the visibility of the completed intake forms or hide intake paperwork from certain staff members. The Intake Form Questionnaire/chart privacy settings are determined by the Appointment Type settings associated with that Intake Form.

If the Intake Form is set to all appointments: the form/chart is Viewable to Everyone who can access the client’s profile.

If the Intake Form is assigned to a Specific Discipline with multiple practitioners: the form/chart is Viewable to Everyone within that discipline who can access the client’s profile.

If the Intake Form is assigned to a specific practitioner: the form/chart will follow that practitioner’s Default Chart Privacy settings.

If the clinic updates an existing intake form that was sent to clients already, will the clients receive the updated intake form?

NO - Since the intake forms links have been sent to clients already, the new updated information will not be included.

Even if the clinic had added a simple text to an intake form or added a new insurance or credit card section, the updated forms have to be resent to clients. This can be done from the client’s profile > online intake forms section.

Is the intake form text customizable?

You can format the text under the General and Consent sections of the intake form using Markdown sheet attached. You can make the text bold, italic, big, and even add links. However, the font size cannot be adjusted

Can I merge charts or files?

No - At this time, there isn’t a way to merge 2 charts or 2 files.

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