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What's New in Jane?

Have you ever stumbled upon a new feature in your account or stared suspiciously at your screen because you know something has changed, but you can’t put your finger on what? Well, you’re in the right place — Jane’s changelog! Every few weeks, our team publishes a list of new features, changes, and (sometimes) fixes to this page to make sure that you’re always up to date with what’s new in Jane.

If you find this changelog helpful and would like to see more of these updates, shoot us a message at [email protected] and let us know what you think. Your feedback will help us improve how we communicate, and will help us choose what to include in future changelogs.

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Changelog: October 8th, 2021


Additional Profile Security

We have introduced an additional level of security to the profiles of staff members and patients that protects the information used to verify identity. All staff are now required to enter their password before updating their own — or another staff member’s — contact information. When a patient updates their own contact information via the My Account page, they will now have to enter their password before making changes.

ICD10 Code Set 2022 Update 🇺🇸

The ICD10 code set — which can be found in Settings > Billing Codes — has been updated to reflect CMS’s 2022 changes that took effect on October 1st. Valid diagnosis codes from 2021 that are now deprecated in the 2022 update have been removed from Jane’s ICD10 code set. Likewise, all replacement codes and new codes have been added. Learn more in our ICD10 FAQ here.



  • We made some small tweaks to the styling of Resources on the schedule to improve things for clinics that use several Resources for appointment bookings.
  • We added a handy guide reference to help all new staff create a secure password when setting up their Jane account for the first time.
  • We added a new description to the Online Booking post-treatment time — which can be found in the Staff profile under Edit/Settings > Online Booking — to help practitioners better understand how to setup their schedule.
  • We made Wait List items update instantaneously when viewing the schedule. You can now see updates to the Wait List made by patients or other practitioners in real time! Sweet, sweet automation!
  • We made a small tweak to the drop-down options in the Create a New Treatment workflow. This change lays down the foundation for some exciting updates to Treatments that are coming down the line. Specifically, support for Grouped Appointments!
  • For our Canadian clinics, we have added TELUS eClaims support for Alberta Blue Cross. A friendly heads up that Alberta Blue Cross only allows submissions via TELUS eClaims for those outside of Alberta (we recognize that this sounds a bit strange!). 🇨🇦
  • For our Canadian clinics, Jane is now better equipped to handle situations where a bad or malformed response is received from TELUS or the insurer. This was previously causing pages (invoices, purchases, etc.) in Jane associated with the bad response to become inaccessible. Submissions with good and bad responses are now always accessible. 🇨🇦
  • Jane’s Polish Community - świętować! Clinics in Poland can now sign up for a Jane Payments (through Stripe) and start processing payments. 🇵🇱
  • We’ve added some missing German translations to receipts. Wunderbar! 🇩🇪



  • Resending the right intake form - Jane was sending intake forms for any expired forms, which caused some confusion. Now, Jane only resends the expired form if it’s required, or if your patient has an upcoming appointment.
  • The Return Visit Reminder (RVR) button wasn’t cooperating when accessed from the List View version of the Schedule after no-showing an appointment. It’s now cooperating and will direct you to the RVR form lickety-split when clicked.
  • We patched a hole that allowed treatments on Wait List items to be carried over when clinics changed the practitioner offering a different discipline.
  • Our Ratings & Reviews feature was accidentally blocking folks from selecting treatments assigned to a Discipline set to Not Bookable Online. We relaxed the rules here to ensure all treatments can be enabled for a Ratings email, regardless of the online booking policy.
  • The “Reschedule an Appointment” mode was triggered on mobile devices when scrolling on top of an appointment on the Schedule. Clinics can scroll easy knowing that they won’t accidentally move an appointment to another day.
  • The summary section of the Applied & Unapplied (A&UP) report was missing the first date of the selected date range in its calculations. The values should make sense now!
  • The Onboarding Wizard has undergone some improvements including a change that will allow users to freely navigate throughout Jane without the wizard popping in and out.
  • We noticed that some clinics were running into a blue sad-face error when entering a very large price for a product (over a hundred million dollars). Well, we’ve turned that frown upside down by adding a little message that gives you a heads up that you’ve probably entered the wrong price.
  • The price field was showing up blank on the Edit Product form for certain locales. Folks who use Euros as their currency should be able to see prices properly now when making changes to products. 🇬🇧


Changelog: September 24th, 2021


Go faster with our new ERA Management Tool 🇺🇸

You can’t spell Insurance without ERAs! Head to Settings > Remittances in your account or checkout our ERA blog post to learn how much easier it is to post insurer payments by uploading electronic remittances to Jane.

Knock, Knock. Who’s there? It’s Telehealth Waiting Room.

Telehealth Waiting Room who? 🥁

We’ve added a waiting room to Online Appointments so you have time to settle before seeing your clients. Now when you join a call, your client will remain in the new Knock Knock waiting area until you’re ready to admit them to their session. Learn more about the new Knock-Knock feature for Online Appointments here.

Insurance Card Photos can now be set to Optional

After receiving some great feedback from the community on our new Insurance Information Intake Form feature, we’ve introduced a preference that makes uploading an insurance card photo optional instead of required.

Customize the information you collect from New Clients

You can now tailor the client sign up page in our new Settings > Client Form Fields area to ensure you’re capturing the client information you need. This is also the place where you can enable Pronoun collection for your clients who book their appointments online.



  • We’ve given the Ratings and Review set up page a new look to make it easier to navigate. We’d love to know what you think — send us a message if you have any thoughts!
  • We’ve prettied up the way lists are formatted in chart entries by removing some of the indentation.
  • We added a sticky save bar in the Settings area to remind you to save you changes before leaving.
  • We’ve introduced some additional translations for pronouns labels in Danish, German, English, Spanish, Estonian, French, Italian, Dutch, and Portuguese.
  • We also updated some Danish language for the Online Booking site. Shoutout to our newest Danish clinic for helping out with these translations!
  • Our team added a few new videos and helpful tips to improve the onboarding experience for new practitioners joining Jane for the first time.



  • The chart status icon 🔒 on the appointment in the day sheet was out of sync when changing / removing the linked appointment in a chart. I guess you could say the lock was not in lockstep but we got a lock on the issue, fastened a fix, and got the issue locked down.
  • Corrected our staff member defaults so that practitioners can see breaks on their schedule unless otherwise specified.
  • Administrative staff with Practitioner / Front Desk access can once again manage their own shifts. We see the irony in administrative staff not be able to administer their own shifts…
  • Fixed a bug that caused Jane to link tasks to the author rather than the assignee. Authors of Tasks can once again link tasks to other staff members, instead of only being able to assign them to themselves. You know what they say, when you want something done right, do it yourself…
  • We ensured clients who have a Jane account open in multiple tabs on their browser don’t run into issues when booking appointments online. Your clients can now go tab crazy and confidently book their appointments.

Woohoo! You’ve made it to the bottom of our changelog. Thanks for scrolling. 😊