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Office Ally Integration is Live!!

Hello Jane Community,

We are ridiculously happy to share that the long awaited phase one of our new insurance billing features are now live!

Generating EDI files for Office Ally, manually entering EOB’s, handling write-offs, time-of-service discounts, improved superbills, and a bunch of streamlined workflows are what we’re announcing today. We’ve prepared some helpful videos and guides for everything new so you can learn about the new features and try them out whenever you have a free moment.

We’re also offering some live webinars where you can get an overview of the full insurance workflow with one of our team and ask any questions that may pop up for you. We’ll add the link below as well, but you can book in by clicking here or by giving us a call at 1-844-310-JANE(5263). NOTE: ALL WEBINARS ARE LISTED IN PACIFIC TIME

Here’s an overview of the new features:

Understanding Jane’s Re-vamped Insurance Area

Jane has always had two ways of using billing codes, and we admit it can be a bit unintuitive, so we’re evolving this part of Jane to encourage one simple way of doing things which we refer to as “billing codes first”. Or as one of our beta testers put it, “first enter what you did, second enter who’s paying for it”.

Jane’s insurance panel will now encourage you to enter your billing codes for the visit separately from the insurance policies. This workflow is simply a better match to how the CMS-1500 and the 837p EDI files work.

Here’s a video and a guide to understand how to make the best use of Jane’s billing codes features:

Watch the VideoRead the Guide

Office Ally Integration

This is part 1 of 3 for our features around working with clearing houses. We’ve started with simply generating an 837p EDI file for Office Ally. You can do this for a single visit, or a large batch of visits. Jane will generate a file that you can quickly upload in Office Ally’s web portal.

Please check out these two guides to understand how it all works:

Pre-Flight Checklist for Generating an EDI File: Watch the VideoRead the Guide

As we mentioned, this is just part one of our grand plan. The next parts we’re working on are:

  • 2) Automatic Submission to Office Ally (no need to manually upload)
  • 3) Automatic Processing of electronic remittances (ERA)

We’re also adding support for any clearing house of your choosing!

Receiving Insurer Payments (EOB) and quicker write offs!

You may have noticed recently that Jane has a magical button to quickly write off a partially paid invoice. But even better than that, we have a whole new interface to enter the detailed EOB from the insurance company. It allows you to record how much was approved for each code you billed, and enter any additional coinsurance and the exact deductible amount.

Watch the VideoRead the Guide

Time of Service Discounts

There is now a really simple way to handle discounts for a cash pay client. And Jane’s superbill will accurately indicate the adjustment.

Watch the VideoRead the Guide

Additional Insurance Guides

A reminder! If you’d like to have one of our team walk you through all of these features in a live webinar - you can book one over the next few weeks by clicking here. And again - webinars are listed in PACIFIC time, so if you’re in a different time zone we apologize for the morning math.

Creating Billing Codes: Watch the VideoRead the Guide

Creating & Setting up Insurers: Watch the VideoRead the Guide

Creating a Patient Claim: Watch the VideoRead the Guide

Adding Billing Codes & Insuring a Patient Visit: Watch the VideoRead the Guide

Creating Superbills: Watch the VideoRead the Guide

Where we’re going from here…

So that was a lot of work. Some of these things we’ve been working on for nearly a year. Health insurance is a complex subject and trying to make it feel simple sometimes feels like a fools errand. But we’re gonna keep trying!

We really need your feedback, so tell us what is working well, what is cumbersome, and what your dream features are. We have a whole team of people here at Jane that are hungry to know how we can make these features the best in the world. We like to tell our Jane community that we are aligned on the same goal - making Jane the best and most helpful platform for practices just like yours. For our business to succeed we need yours to be running smoothly :) So as you play around with these new features give us your feedback and we’ll keep refining.

Here’s the list of insurance-related things we’re working on next:

  • A new interface to document diagnosis and CPT codes within Jane’s charts
  • An improved workflow for practitioners to mark claims as ready-to-be submitted
  • Automatic processing of ERA’s for payers that provide electronic remittances
  • An eligibility check system for near-real-time coverage checks
  • A new feature to collect insurance policy info as part of Jane’s online booking and intake form system

Thanks for being the best bunch of customers we could imagine!

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The Jane Team

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