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Time of Service Discount (Fee / Discount)

Do you want to offer a discount to an uninsured or partially insured patient if they pay the same day they come in for treatment?

If so, keep reading! (Please note this is for accounts subscribed to the Insurance Plan)

Fee / Discount

You may have noticed the Fee/Discount field that is displayed at the bottom of the Insurance Info section of an appointment that does not have a claim attached. This is the field that we can use to provide your cash patients with a Time of Service or Same Day Payment discount.

Time of Service Discount Example

Let’s walk through an example of how we can apply a Time of Service discount to a visit in Jane.

Let’s say a patient comes in for a Subsequent Chiropractic visit at our Demo Clinic. After the provider treats the patient, he adds two billing codes to the visit, 98941 and 97140, with assigned rates of $65 and $55 respectively for a total bill of $120.

When the treatment is over, the patient decides he would like to pay for his visit that same day, and the provider would like to give the patient a $30 discount for paying at the time of service (for a total charge of $90).

To reflect this discount, the provider can enter in a negative $30 value into the Fee/Discount field.

As you can see, when we enter -$30 into the Fee/Discount field, the patient total changes from $120 to $90.

Superbill and Time of Service Discount

Following our above scenario, after the patient pays, here is what the superbill for his appointment would look like:

The Time of Service discount is reflected by the Adjustments section of the Summary:

For more information on creating Superbills, please take a look at the following guide document:

Creating Superbills

Pro Tip - Using Adjustments to Offer a Time of Service Discount

If you don’t want to use that Fee / Discount box, you can actually use good old fashion adjustments instead!

Let’s say your discount is equal to 15% of what you’re billing, and you don’t want to do the math for what that works out to as a fixed dollar amount.

You can create a 15% adjustment, called something like Time of Service Discount, and add that to your patient’s visit.

For more info on using adjustments in Jane, please have a look at the following guide doc: Creating an Adjustment

Consulting Your State and Federal Laws Before Providing a Time of Service Discount

Please note that the use of the User Fee/Discount field to provide a Time of Service discount to your cash patients is merely a suggestion!

For information on when and how much of a discount is acceptable to provide to your patients, it’s best to check with federal and your state laws for additional guidance before proceeding.

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