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Workshop: From Surviving to Thriving with Emma Jack

March 31, 2022

Hey there Jane Community, Jack here from the Jane Community Team. 👋

I’m here today to share our recording of Emma Jack’s Workshop: From Surviving to Thriving. It was so great to get to connect with so many of you live during the session.

If you couldn’t make it live, not to worry, you get to enjoy Emma’s calming voice now for the first time below!

In this session, Jane Ambassador, Emma Jack, took us through an interactive workshop to help you learn how to create more time, space, and energy so that you can show up more fully in all areas of your life. During the Workshop Emma covered:

⚡ Getting to know your current energy
🚧 Learning about how to create solid (and kind) boundaries
🗓️ Making space in your calendar and creating an energy SOS plan
🙋 Answered questions from the Jane community

Who was this session for? Everyone! Clinic owners, practitioners and staff in any role across all disciplines can benefit from this workshop.

Takeaways from Emma’s Workshop

There were so many great takeaways from this session! Use the links below to jump to a few of the things we wanted to highlight for you from this workshop.

👋 Meet Emma

Emma is a sports and orthopaedic physiotherapist. She runs her own practice Press Play Physiotherapy and Pilates in London, Ontario, Canada. She holds both a Masters in Physiotherapy and a Masters of Clinical Science in Manual Physical Therapy. She has also earned a Sport Physiotherapy Diploma, and is a Fellow of the Academy of Manual and Manipulative Physical Therapy, and is a lead therapist with the Canadian National Women’s Hockey Team.

Sounds pretty cool, right? While those accomplishments and credentials do bring a sense of pride, she also recognizes that many of those things are ultimately what also left her feeling intense anxiety, overwhelmed and burnt out. Her credentials may span two lines on a business card but in recent years she has totally transformed her practice and life in order to ensure that her career in health care does not define her but rather she gets to define what it means to her.

She feels passionate about sharing her story and journey so that those who identify with it know they are not alone. She is a Co-Active coach and continues to invest heavily into her own coaching so that she can show up her best for others! Everyone’s career path, goals and needs are different but she is fuelled by helping other health care providers and professionals on their journeys to personal and professional success!

🧰 Emma’s Reset Toolkit

Emma invites you to take advantage of her 30-day RESET. Take some time to slow down, listen to yourself, and uncover what you truly need to fully show up for your life.

Click the image below for her 30-Day RESET Toolkit.

🎧 Listening suggestions from Jane’s co-founder Ali

During the Q&A, Ali shared a few podcast suggestions with our community, which you can find below.

📱 The Next Big Idea: You Get Around 4,000 weeks on Earth. How Should You Spend them?

📱 HBR IdeaCast: Try This One Quick Medication Session

Additional resources from Emma

More videos from Jane

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