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Webinar: How Space Design Impacts Client Experience with Articulate Design Co.

April 27, 2022

Hello Jane Community, Jack here from the Jane Community Team. 👋

I’m here today to share the recording from How Space Design Impacts Client Experience with Articulate Design Co. We love seeing so many of you tune in live for the session.

If you couldn’t make it live, not to worry. We’ve got the recording for you here, so get ready to be inspired by Neena and Meg who share all about their approach to space design.

Who was this workshop for?

💙 This workshop is perfect for those who are looking to revamp their existing space, new clinic owners looking to put their stamp on their space, or anyone interested in learning more about space design.

Use the links below to jump to a few of the things we wanted to highlight for you from this workshop. Or, keep scrolling to find a few handy resources.

💡 About the Session
👋 Meet our Hosts
🎞 Articulate Design Co.’s Slide Deck
🎧 Listening suggestion from Ali

💡 About the Session

When speaking to potential clients, Meg and Neena often use restaurants as an example when analyzing how a space’s physical environment can shift one’s experience. From making a reservation to receiving confirmation to stepping inside, restaurants have already created an expectation of what the food will be like. There is no reason why health and wellness spaces should be any different. In fact, a well-designed environment is crucial in supporting positive client experiences within this industry.

During the session we covered:

➡️ Space design in a physical and digital world
➡️ How to integrate branding into your space
➡️ How to reflect your mission and value into your space aesthetics
➡️ Answers to community questions⁠

👋 Meet our Hosts

As clinicians, our success in the health and wellness industry requires us to respect the intersection of all factors that contribute to making one feel their best. At Articulate Design Co. we believe the overall design of the wellness space is an important factor that shapes our experience. Our environment plays an integral role in shaping our experience, mood, and energy, which directly contribute to a sense of wellbeing.

About Meg: I started my own clinic in 2014, and during that time I also designed multiple clinic spaces and designed/managed two major house renovations. Creating a space that is an extension of ourselves by maximizing function and inspiring wellbeing is the common goal of every project I take on. Neena and I are on a mission to change the status quo of healthcare spaces. From the moment someone walks in the door of a clinic or studio, they should be confronted by all senses that it is a place of vitality, health, comfort and wellness. When we feel our worst, we need our surroundings to inspire our best.

About Neena: I am a registered physiotherapist with over a decade of clinical experience in sport medicine. During this time, I have had the opportunity to work in various multidisciplinary health care settings and have learned the ins and outs of clinical practice and its functional needs. While I continue to work clinically and love being a physiotherapist, Articulate Design Co. was born out of a need for more care in the design of health and wellness spaces as well as a personal need within myself for a creative outlet outside of the clinical sphere. I am excited to bring my passion for design and my understanding of clinical spaces to every single project!

🎞 Articulate Design Co.’s Slide Deck

If you would like to read through Articulate Design Co.’s slides from their session, click the image below for their slide deck on How Space Design Impacts Client Experience.

🎧 Listening suggestion from Jane’s co-founder Ali

During the Q&A, Ali shared a podcast suggestion with our community, which you can find below.

📱 To Truly Delight Customers You Need Aesthetic Intelligence

Additional resources from Articulate Design Co.

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