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Updates and Resources for Managing COVID-19

March 18, 2020

Hi Jane Community,

I’m Alison, Co-Founder of Jane, and fellow clinic owner.

The world is moving on fast-forward these past few weeks, and I wanted to send out some details about the way that we at Jane are working to stand with you and be the most helpful we can as you navigate a particularly challenging time in your professional and personal lives.

We’ll be sending out email updates as we have new information over the coming days, so thank you in advance for entertaining more emails in your inbox than normal. We’ll try to limit it to the most relevant and useful information for your practice.

Here are a few things we’ve been working on for the last few days to help you and your practice respond to COVID-19:

  • We’ve updated the patient list to include a filter with just a certain segment of your patient list based on their appointment date. This means you can filter down to just patients who have been seen in a certain time period (only those with future visits for example, or those who have been in within the last 6 months). We have also included more detailed instruction on how to get this list into Mailchimp to send out mass email announcements. Learn more.
  • We’ve added some new options for custom language in your “Cancel with notification” email to make cancelling appointments easier. You can add more detail in the body of the cancellation notice that will be sent to patients to explain the temporary pause of in-person treatment: Learn more.
  • We’ve pulled together some relevant features that might help with ongoing patient communication as you continue to navigate patient communication in light of COVID-19 - this includes custom messaging on your online booking page, in your booking notifications and for your SMS reminders. Learn more.
  • And finally, for our Canadian users we’ve pulled together some helpful resources for small business and entrepreneur relief options. This document will need to be updated regularly, as the information coming from the various governments at both the national and provincial level is changing daily. Learn more. We’ll share a US version in the following few days.

I also want to give you a bit of insight into our ongoing response planning for managing COVID-19.

We recently changed one of our loading messages to say: “we’re all in this together,” and that really feels so true right now. What we’re managing is clearly an unprecedented global event for most businesses. I, like many of you, am temporarily closing my practice here in North Vancouver this week. I feel the financial crunch this creates first hand - on my practitioners, my admin staff and me as a small business owner.

But there is one thing we know for sure: this period of isolation will end. There will be a time where we are all free to return to normal life. And we know that at that time, Jane will be here ready to support that return.

We’re working hard here so that we are not only prepared for that moment, but also to continue to support you as you pause your practice to help flatten the curve.

As we’re looking at how to best help our communities, we’re focussing on three main areas:

1. Remaining a Resource

As you halt your in-person patient visits, Jane is committed to continuing to work for you. We are in the middle of compiling information about the various government programs and packages that are becoming available to small business owners and entrepreneurs and will be ensuring that our Jane Community is fully aware of all of the avenues of economic relief available.

There is so much great work being done here to protect the economy, both in Canada and the US, with employment insurance, mortgage relief, small business financing and childcare credits here in Canada.

We will continue to compile, publish and circulate resources on this subject and assist in your applications in any way we can. And I will keep you posted on my own journey accessing these resources for my practitioners and admin staff who are pausing their practices.

2. Prioritization of Relevant Features

We’re bringing Telehealth and Patient Communication features to the top of the development list. We are sprinting to have Telehealth in Jane launched by the end of this week and we will be offering it free of charge for the duration of the COVID-19 response period.

We are also working to build out features that will help you with the communication to your patients upon your return to practice, so that you can easily inform them that you are ready to start in-person treatment again and make it as easy as possible for them to book back in and fill up your schedule quickly.

3. Educate and Support

As you may have heard, we were planning our first user conference to be hosted in Vancouver this July. We know that one of the trickiest things about attending an in-person conference is that you need to close down your practice. Well! We’re working on finding a silver lining here by taking advantage of the fact that people are going to be home with some extra time on their hands over the coming weeks. We are moving our Community Conference “Allied” into an online format that will be delivered online beginning in April. We will be refunding in full all tickets that have been pre-purchased and instead will open the sessions up to anyone with a Jane subscription.

We will also be including new sessions including the financial relief options we mentioned above, and stories from other practices about how they are managing their practices during this challenging time. We hope to be a place that clinic owners, practitioners and staff can find some community while improving their proficiency using Jane so that they will return to practice as power users.

We will continue to add more information to our Jane COVID-19 communication area on our Guide as things progress. Feel free to follow us on Facebook for regular updates.

The future arrives one day at a time, and we are grateful to be spending those days together,



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