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Ratings & Reviews Webinar: Time Codes & Transcript


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⏱️ Time Codes

  • 5:46- Why Jane Loves Ratings & Reviews
  • 12:51- The Client Experience
    • 14:03- Google Reviews
      • 16:09- Claiming your Business Listing on Google
      • 17:10- Google’s Rules for Reviews
      • 18:43- How Clients Post Google Reviews
  • 20:24- Receiving a Google Review
  • 22:57- Staff Experience
    • 23:17- Getting Started
    • 25:01- Enabling Ratings & Reviews
    • 25:52- When to send Review Requests
    • 29:03- Opting in Practitioners
    • 31:23- Opting in Treatments
    • 34:32- Enabling Google Reviews
    • 38:40- Customizing Ratings & Reviews Language
    • 41:07- How Review Requests are Sent
    • 44:51- Opting Clients Out of Ratings & Reviews
  • 46:22- Reviewing your Feedback
  • 60:38- Dealing with Negative Reviews

📜 Transcript

Ali- Pre-Webinar Chat [00:00]

We’re starting. I got to, oh, I didn’t even close all my tabs or anything. I didn’t do my prep work yet. We were all chatting here before you all arrived. And I was distracted from my normal work, pre-webinar work. Is this our first one of the year? It is right?

Sonia: Yes. This is the first one.

Ali: The first one.

Sonia: Hello everyone.

Ali: I know. I was trying to think whether we’d had with your or not yet. I don’t really have, I feel like there’s a lot of us on the screen here and only a few of us that are gonna really be talking to you, but we have so many excited people that wanted to join this morning. So I’m going to wait for some, for people to filter in. We have about 1500 registrates, which is pretty great. It’s nice to spend time together. Hello? Okay, great. I love this. Hi. Hi. Hi friends. So if you are here, your chat, I think defaults to just panelists, but if you want to switch it to panelists and attendees, then it’s nice. We can have a conversation in the chat. I’d love to know. I am from Winnipeg, where you’re from and what discipline you are. Discipline isn’t super specific for this webinar today but happy Saturday too. Yes Sonia. Good joining. Oh, Phil from Winnipeg. Hi. I’m not usually we have people from the UK as well. When we do these morning sessions which is nice. Vizio from Ontario. Good morning. I got a closest to him.

Sonia: Wow. It’s like a lot of people from all over the place.

Ali: That’s awesome. Hi Angela. That’s where my mom’s husband’s from Dawson Creek. RMT from Hamilton, hi Lyn from Ottawa, office monitor from Nelson, Suzanne. They go by so fast. I can barely see your names. Good morning, everybody. I’m excited to see you. It’s been awhile. If you haven’t been here before we’ll be having probably quite a conversation in the chat. So feel free to add your thoughts in there in real time. Good morning, everybody. Michelle, North Vancouver, just like us. Hi. And so Mark, who’s here with me. I don’t know where he is on your screen, but he’s down over here for me. He’s a product manager here at Jane and he’s going to be helping in the chat to answer some questions South Wales. Hi, Trevor, my father is Welsh. So I can’t speak any Welsh, but he sings. I think that’s a thing, right? With Welsh people. And then we have Ellison, Erica and Kiki and they’re going to be in the Q and A. So you can use the Q and A to ask specific questions or the chat, just to share thoughts. You can ask questions in there too. And then Sonia and Christina who are going to introduce themselves in a bit here that you can actually see on the screen are going to be, doing a demo and explaining how Ratings and Reviews works. But I had a few questions for you as we start I think three minutes in. We’re probably good to go. First of all was wondering if you’re using Ratings and Reviews yet in your practice you can just say yes or no. I’m curious if we’re learning how to use it. No, not yet. Mostly nos. Okay.

Sonia: Ooh. So we’re going to hype the excitement today. Ratings and Reviews.

Ali: Yes. No. Oh, interesting. Oh, here’s the yeses. I was expecting more yeses than nos but we’re getting a real mix here. So that’s interesting, waiting on the seminar. Great. Yeah. Getting stars, not words. Yeah. I do, oh, good. Good. Okay. We’re real mix. So that’s good to know. We’re going to go over how to use it but before we started, oh, first of all I’m going to introduce myself. I don’t know all of you. I don’t think if we haven’t met before.

Ali- Introduction [03:41]

I’m Ali. I’m the co-founder of Jane. I come from clinic. I actually own a multi-disciplinary health care clinic and that’s sort of where Jane started. Oh, so long ago now it launched, the clinic opened in 2011 and my co-founder Trevor built the original version of Jane for me as he was kind of doing some design website work. And then we partnered to build Jane now into a solution that everyone could use and started that in 2014. So yes, the recording will be available. Yes. We should always start with that because that question comes up about every 10 minutes. Usually we will be sending around the recording of this after, so don’t worry if you miss anything. Thanks Ben. So yeah, in 2014 we started licensing Jane and then Jane is now being used by all of you around the world. It’s just wonderful. I was excited to spend some time with this community this morning. We’re still thinking about more ways of getting everyone together. Because it’s kind of one of the best things about Jane. So definitely be part of the conversation this morning don’t be shy or quiet. It’s nice to hear from you as well as from us so that that’s there for that. I also wanted to just talk about reviews really briefly. There’s going to be a half hour demo here but I did want to just mention how we use reviews at Jane and how we think about reviews. And this feature in general we collect reviews at Jane in a few ways. And I also use Ratings and Reviews in my clinic to I’ve been using it for, I guess, about a month now and really experiencing how that’s working having a lot of interesting learnings which I’m sure we’ll go through today.

But how many of you are only allowed to collect internal reviews? Like you can’t solicit public reviews. Do we have anyone here like that? There’s a few hands being raised. Andy’s only internal only can’t use testimonials. Yeah, it’s good. I just wanted to point out that for this reason we know that not everyone’s allowed to use the Google review feature can’t collect public reviews, the Ratings and Review feature is built with two sections. So one is the internal section. One is the external section. And so we’re going to go over both of those and yeah it’s totally dependent on discipline and geography. So there’s no judgment here. It’s just like the way it works. So either you’re collecting internal reviews or you’re collecting external reviews or you’re trying to do both and I’m going to talk at the end. I think about how I deal with positive reviews and how I deal with negative reviews. Because I think how you respond to your reviews is almost as important as collecting them and doing that at Jane over the last five years has been a really interesting experience. We collect them internally in a few ways and externally a few ways. So I’d love to share our thoughts on that. If you want to hear them at the end, we can ask questions about that too, but let’s get started. Sonia and Christina, take it away. Thanks for sharing today.

Christina: All right. Awesome so I’m going to just get started by sharing my screen here. All right. So can everyone see my screen?

Ali: Yeah, I think we’re good.

Christina: Awesome.

Sonia- Introduction [07:03]

It’s looking good, Christina. Cool. All right. Yeah. So we’re going to get started. We are so excited to be sharing this Ratings and Reviews feature with you today. My name is Sonia. I work on the U.S. support team as well as the support training team. I’ve been at Jane for about a year now before I came to Jane, my experience of first getting my feel of Jane was actually as a patient. I remember specifically when my practice actually first launched online booking and they were using Jane at the time. I was like, oh, this is so cool. This make my life a lot easier to be able to just easily book online instead of interrupting their day to day and getting those phone calls to them. So that was my first kind of feel of Jane. And now it’s fun to be on this side of it too. Before I worked at Jane, I worked at ErethSia for about eight years in human resources as well as their support and their support training team. I’m not alone of course today. You’ve already seen Christina there as well. And so Christina, I’m going to pass it to you and you can introduce yourself as well.

Christina- Introduction [08:02]

Yeah. Thanks Sonia. Hey everyone. I’m Christina. So thank you so much for joining us today here on this Saturday morning. So I hope everyone’s having a great start to their day so far. Just to give you a bit of background about myself. I have been working with Jane for about nine months now and I am also working for the customer support team for our Canadian customers currently. And I like Sonia also got introduced to Jane kind of on the customer end of things. So about seven years ago now, when I was working at the front desk for a clinic here in Vancouver that was when I first got to know Jane and we decided to switch our practice over and use Jane at the front desk. And it was so awesome. We all fell in love with Jane immediately. And yeah, well, we always were so grateful for that support that we received from the Jane team at that time. I think the Jane team at that time was quite a bit smaller than it is now but we still always got no immediate responses from them. We never hesitated to contact them with our phone calls or send them a quick email if we had any questions. So that always stuck with me. And yeah, now here we are a few years later and I couldn’t be happier to be on the support side of things and use that experience that I had as a customer to offer our current customers that same level of support and assistance that we received in those early years of Jane. All right. So Sonia, maybe let’s take a look now at our Ratings and Reviews feature. We’re going to talk a little bit about that and who’s using it.

Sonia- How Ratings & Reviews came about [09:30]

Yeah, definitely. It’s a hot topic item in Jane, before we launched it in December of last year had probably the most amount of votes in your feature request area in Jane and its history, there was over 2000 votes and lots of comments on that. So for those of you who haven’t seen the feature requests area in Jane, we’re going to be showing it to you a little bit later, so you can get a feel of that but we’re going to take you through some numbers here since we’ve enabled this review in December.

Christina- R&R by the numbers [09:57]

Awesome. Yeah. So since we’ve been able that the feature we’ve seen about 253,000 ratings emails sent in Jane. So that’s a really impressive number that just kind of goes to show how many people have already enabled this feature and are making use of that email system. So that’s really awesome to see. We’ve also seen about 77,000 completed ratings. So that would be the amount of people who have actually decided to complete those ratings and submit them to the clinics for their review. Also a really awesome number to see there. In addition to that, we’ve seen about 27,000 completed ratings along with reviews. So that would be where your patients can select their star rating. And then they also have the option to include their own review in their own words. So they can kind of write out their own message there in the review box. So we’ve seen about 27,000 people participating in that piece as well. So that’s super awesome. And we’d love to see those numbers and hopefully we’ll just continue to see those numbers grow as we kind of evolve this feature.

Sonia: Yes, definitely. I’m seeing Allie smile at the comments and it’s like making me want to look into the comments but I have them off.

Christina: Yes me too.

Sonia: I’m like, she’s smiling for something and I want to see what’s going on, but no I’m having mine turned off so we can go through it.

Ali: You were like really had Jane blue furniture at the office.

Sonia: You did.

Ali: Christina used a fake background from two offices but yeah.

Sonia: We had to match it. Didn’t we?

Christina: Yeah. I love it. All right. So yeah, it’s again, super awesome to see how many people have already started using this feature. And Sonia, did we want to take a look at what we’re going to be covering today?

Sonia- What we’ll be covering today [11:36]

Yeah definitely. Let’s take a look. All right. So Christina’s going to start off on the patient experience side of this feature. So Christina is going to take us through what it looks like from the patient to actually receive that email notification within their inbox from the moment that they actually fill it out and then all the way through to the last part, a piece of that, which is posting to Google. So maybe we’ll take a look at that.

Christina: Awesome. Yeah. And then after that Sonia is going to take us through the staff experience. So we’re going to look at how we can get this feature enabled in our Jane accounts, how we can kind of go through the studies and get those emails set up to go out. We’re all just going to have a look at the different areas that the clinic and administrative side can see. So Sonia is going to kind of point out some different features and areas that you may be able to access on the clinic side of things as well.

Sonia: Definitely some tips and tricks. We’re going to take a look at from the admin view and then last but not least, Christina’s going to take us through the clinic view of Jane. So now we’ve got this great bit of data. What now? What are we going to do with this information? How do we help it to benefit our businesses and our practice? So Christina is going to take us through reportings and usage. Okay. Should we get started?

Christina: Yeah, let’s get started. I’m ready to go.

Sonia: Take it away, Christina.

Christina- The Patient Experience [12:49]

All right. Thanks Sonia. So yeah, Sonia mentioned we’re going to head into this patient experience first. So if you have a patient who’s booked at your clinic for an appointment where both the treatment and the practitioner that they’re seeing are enabled for your ratings and reviews feature they’ll be receiving an email with the review request about three hours after their appointment. So they’ll be able to access that email from their inbox. So they’ll select it from their inbox and then in the email message that they will be prompted to share their experience. So by selecting this rate your experience button, there’ll be taken to a new page that will prompt them to rate their experience. They’ll first be able to choose a star rating between one and five stars. And then they’ll also have the option to add in their own personal message here in the text box. So they can feel free to write their own words on their experience there. And once they’ve done that they’ll then be able to submit their reading. So if your clinic does not have the Google reviews option of this feature enabled, this would be the final step for your patients to submit their rating for your clinic to view internally in your ratings interviews report. So let’s go ahead and click on the submit button.

In the event that your clinic does have that Google reviews option enabled. In this case, we have decided to enable that feature your patients will be seen a message here that thanks them for their response, as well as another message that you can customize within your language settings of your account. So in this case, since we’ve selected a five-star rating we’re being shown the positive review prompt message that again can be customized in your language setting. So have you chosen a five, four to five star rating? Your patients will see that Google review positive prompt here. So this one reads, do you have a moment to support us publicly adding your review, to our Google business page is one step away. We would be so appreciative. So this is a really great place for you to add in any texts that you wanted share with those patients who have given you a positive star rating and prompt them and push them to kind of share their review publicly on your Google business page. In addition to that, we also have a separate message that you can customize in your language settings. So here we see a patient who selected a one star rating and in this case they’re being shown the negative Google review prompt message. So again, this can be customized in your own words but this is also a great place for you to prompt your patients, to maybe contact the clinic before they decide to share their review publicly, or you know, get in touch with you to kind of make sure that you know exactly why their experience was negative or ask them questions about that. And so I’m just going to touch on that later as well and kind of show us how we can customize those different messages based on the one to three star rating or the four to five star ratings.

Sonia: Yeah, definitely with this section here especially with that customized language we’ve seen a lot of clinics actually use this in a way to actually prompt a question. So something may be relating to their overall experience with the clinic, but also maybe asking questions like where are you easily able to find parking something that they can answer to within their response there. So you can get some more feedback from your clients as well.

Christina: Yeah exactly. Yeah.

Ali- Claiming your business listing on Google [16:08]

I realized that we never even asked people if they know how to like claim their business listing on Google. Does everybody know how to even like when you click that Google review, it goes to your business place. Does everyone know about that basic step of finding? Yeah, no. Yes. Some people don’t. So just, if you search for your business on Google you’ll have a… Everyone has a free business listing and if you haven’t already, you can claim it. And once you’ve claimed it you have control over that profile and that’s where your reviews will be linked to. So if you haven’t already definitely make sure you claim your business listing, you have to prove ownership. I think they do a robocall to the business number and you have to put in a code. Oh, that was what happened like many years ago when I did it, it might be different. Now, has anyone done it recently? I think that’s how you, I still think that’s how you do it. And yet the apps are, if anyone has any tips on how to manage your Google business listing definitely put them in the chat there. I’m sorry. I’m going to say, I told them when we were practicing. I was like, ladies, I’m sorry I’m going to jump in all the time.

Google’s Rules for Reviews [17:10]

I have two other things to mention. We have it, there’s a few limitations to the way we can work with Google. And it sort of, it’s built into why we’ve designed it this way. Although we’re still thinking about always how to make things better. One is we can not only ask for a Google review if they give you a positive rating and that’s called review gating. And it’s part of Google’s rules to try and make sure that reviews are authentic. And so if you only solicit for good reviews and not bad reviews and they notice that that’s happening, they’ll just take down all the reviews that have been collected through this collection method. And so it’s just not allowed. So we have to offer the Google rating on negative and positive reviews, but we do give you different language. So you can at least approach it differently and kind of give a little bit more info before they move over to Google. And then the other thing is we can’t also copy a rating and automatically fill it in the Google form which you’re going to see Christina showing you in a minute, that’s a limitation. We’re not allowed to do that. And then the third limitation that we’re working in with is that now Google requires everyone to be signed in in order to leave a review. There’s no more anonymous reviews on Google. So all of these things are built into how we’ve designed this and why it works the way it does but you might not know that when you’re first looking at it. So, okay, go ahead.

Christina- How clients can post a Google Review [18:41]

Awesome. Thanks Ali. Yeah, that’s a really good point to make. So we’ll take a look at here how the patients would be able to share the review publicly by copying and pasting their text over. Because as Ali mentioned we can’t really automatically do that for them. So if they did decide here to share their review with your Google business page they’ll have instructions here in the text on how they can do that. But the first step would just simply be to click on this copy button here that’s going to copy their testimonial that they’ve written in the review message. They’ll next select this open Google review button. And then Jane will redirect them to your Google business page. So you can actually have multiple locations set up. And as Ali mentioned, as long as you have claimed that Google business page and have connected it properly with your Google place ID, your patients will be brought to your Google business page that corresponds to the location that their appointment was booked in. So yeah, again, Sonia, we’ll look at that too with us and we’ll kind of walk through how you can get that Google place ID set up for your location but once your patient is redirected to your Google business page, they’re going to have the option here to make any final edits to their review. So they’ll make a final edit to their star review and they’ll also be able to right click on their mouse and select the paste option to paste that testimonial message. We also actually have an option here too which is a Google feature where you can add in a little photo, which I find that I’m really nice touch. And once they finalize their review they can then share it publicly to your business page by selecting the post button here. So then they’ll be brought to this thank you for your review page.

So we have had a couple of questions as well about how long it takes for those Google reviews to show up. So if you know that your patients have decided to share their review publicly and you haven’t noticed it being posted on your Google page, yet we always say to maybe hang tight a couple of days because it does take a few days for the Google screening process to complete. So you should see it there after a handful of days but also another little tip here would be to turn on your Google reviews notifications. So in your Google account you can just kind of check off those notifications and then you will be notified as soon as there’s any new review posted to your Google business page. And Ali I think did we want to maybe take a look at the some of the real-life examples that have come into your clinic from your patients?

Ali: Yeah. I was loving this. I wanted to, we’re going to look at the reporting in a little bit, but the first reviews that came back and I actually was showing this to some of our team to go over how the report looks in real time. And I hadn’t seen the reviews yet. And I was just like, so pleased. This example will I did want to show just because I’m only showing obviously real names here of people that have left public reviews. So don’t worry about we’ve learned everything out that is not, that is private. So this Haleh has left us an internal review and that you can see her saying she is so knowledgeable and wonderful. She knows exactly what I need and supports me to get better. And then you can see it on the next screen. She submitted that review over to Google but with the prompt that we we have in the email and this is the email that I got from the Google business page, notifying me I got a Google review. So if you’re in your business page, you can set up so that you get notified every time you get a Google review and that way you can respond to them which was one of the things I wanted to talk about actually is how you respond to positive and negative reviews is really an important next step to collecting reviews, collecting isn’t enough. Once you start a public conversation you have to be sort of on top of managing it. So getting notifications of when reviews come in is a really good call, and then at the end, I’d love to talk about negative reviews and how to manage them publicly. I think it’s a fascinating conversation about how to protect your online brand. I’m very happy to do that at the end if anyone wants to talk it through.

Christina: Awesome. Awesome. Yeah. So that’s a really great example of how that’s going to look once you get those patient to Google reviews posted and how you’ll be notified that way. So yeah. Thanks for that example. It’s good to see the real life version of it. All right. So I think now Sonia, maybe we’ll get into, taking a look at this setup and how we can enable this feature in our account.

Sonia- The Practitioner Experience [23:04]

Yes, definitely. We’re going to take a look at the staff experience side of this feature. So we’re going to hop into our demo clinic and take a look there. So I’m just going to click into that one. Okay. So we’re here in our settings tab of Jane probably looks familiar to a lot of you.

Step 1: Spring Cleaning your Treatments [23:22]

So before we get started with enabling this feature we’re going to take a look at doing a little bit of a early spring cleaning we’d like to call it. So just we’re gonna be consolidating our treatment list here. The reason why we’re going to do this is it’s going to make it a little bit easier for us to be able to enable Ratings and Reviews and enable the specific treatments that we’d like to enable with the practitioners. So I’m just going to scroll down here to our offerings and treatments and classes area. All right. So another page that might look really familiar to you here is you’ll see all of the various disciplines that we have listed in our demo clinic. I’m going to go into actually archiving some of these. So maybe some of them we’re no longer using anymore but we’d still just like to have them there in Jane if ever we wanted to bring them back. But in the meantime we’re just going to go forward with archiving. Some of these I’m going to use this massage discipline as an example here. So it’s 90 minute massage. We’re going to take that off of our active treatment list. And I click on that and then we’ll scroll to the bottom of the page. We have this archive button here that we’re going to click. Jane is just going to confirm that we still want to do this. And we’re going to say, yes we’re going to go ahead and archive that. And then I’ll just kind of show you that brings that treatment off of our active list here. Don’t worry too much. It’s still there in Jane for you. So it’s still there in the background. If ever you wanted to bring back an archives treatment we’ll be able to do that by our show archived button here at the top of the page. So if maybe later on down the road in later on in the year, you want to bring that one back in. We can.

Step 2: Enabling Ratings & Reviews [24:57]

All right. So after we’ve done a cleanup and a clean sweep of our treatments here we’re going to now come into our Ratings and Reviews tab and go ahead and enable this. So once I click on that it brings us to this Ratings and Reviews page. Good thing to note too, about this area. We will have to be either the account owner or have full access to view this area of Jane. So if you are a practitioner within a multi-discipline clinic and you wanted to turn on Ratings and Reviews so you just have to loop in with either that account owner or a full access member to help you set this up. Now there’s this button on the right of the page here. I’m going to click it. Don’t be afraid of it. If it’s you see it in your own account don’t be scared of it. It’s just going to open up our options available for us. But yes, it’s not going to send a mass email notification to all of your patients requesting feedback. So not a scary button just going to open up our features here.

Step 3: Setting the Frequency [25:51]

So the first option here on the list is going to be setting the frequency. So we’re going to be setting the frequency on how we’d like these reviews to go out to our clients. The first option is to request feedback after an initial visit. So if we check this one off and we enable it, patients who see a practitioner for a specific treatment for the very first time will receive the review request for the treatment that we have offered them. And the next option on the list here is to request feedback after X amount of visits. It’s a good thing to know here. It would be X amount of visits with a particular practitioner. So we have a drop down list here that we can choose. Whichever one we’d like, let’s say we want to send a review request after every sixth visit.

Ali: All right. Can I ask the audience members? I don’t know what to call you, the community, the community, those of you at home. Those of you that are using Jane reviews already. What’s your, what frequency have you set? Are you collecting it after an initial only fourth visit every time? Are you doing initial and first and fifth initial end four. And have you been playing with that or are you initial intent–

Sonia: Some every time.

  • Frequency, based on data you’re trying to gather [27:11]

Ali: Yeah, I’ve been thinking about it because I think it depends also on what your intention is I think if you’re looking to get feedback on just the quality, especially if you have multiple practitioners in your practice and you want to see the quality of all your practitioners initial is really helpful because you sometimes like the drop-off of people that don’t come back up after their first visit is actually pretty high. And so if you do the first time you’re going to get your problems like you’re going to learn where your problems are. Because people not coming back is a problem. But if all you’re looking for is positive sentiment and asking for like, not initial but only third or fourth visit you’re going to only get people that have come back. So you can actually ski with the type of feedback that you get by how you set this up. So it really depends on your intention. How do you want to use this feature and what do you want to use it for? And we’re also getting a lot of requests of people that want to send it by time period and manually, right? So they get to choose when they initial and fifth seems pretty popular. What was Ashlyn’s question? I’m going to go back, I’ll go back to the chat and look at all the questions. But I’ve been thinking about this setup a lot since I’m using it at the clinic and thinking about what I’m trying to accomplish with Ratings and Reviews and whether I want constructive feedback which would be a first visit, or if I just want happy people, which would be different.

Sonia: Yeah so we’re looking into optimizing some of the frequency settings and providing more detailed options too. All right. So, oh, another thing I should mention here as well you will have to have one option of the two of the frequencies on at least so you could have initial visit on and then just have request feedback after X amount of visits turned off, but you have, you must choose at least one. So really important that you at least choose one frequency here or the review will not go out to your clients.

Step 4: Opting in Practitioners [29:03]

Sonia: So a little bit further down on the list here we’re going to now set our practitioner settings. So here we’re going to opt in the practitioners here who we’d like to receive those review feedback from their clients. Now as a sole practitioner this is going to look a little bit different for you. Of course, you’re just going to see yourself on the list here on the right. The demo site is a multidisciplinary clinic so I’m just going to opt in the practitioners here. So we’ll opt in a few. Another thing I want to mention here as well is we kind of mentioned it at the top of the webinar here was about your, we wanted to talk about the regulatory body. So just be sure that before you opt in yourself we want to make sure that you can of course receive that feedback from your patients. So you do want to check in with your regulatory body within your local area to ensure that of course you can receive that feedback from your clients.

Christina: Yeah exactly. And another just point to add in here we do have a bit of a frequently asked questions page where we have kind of a list going that we are working on building on but that would pertain to just for Canadian customers at the moment where if you are unsure you can always feel free to check out that FAQ page that we have. And just check that list to see if your profession does or does not allow the collection of those types of reviews. Of course, our list is just based on the standards of practice that we’ve read through. So if you’re ever unsure, as Sonia said it’s always a better idea to check with your regulatory body, just to ensure that, you know for sure if you can collect those or not.

Sonia: Yes, definitely.

Ali: I was looking at some of those bylaws this morning, just out of interest. And I actually think it’s sort of unfair to say that you’re not allowed to solicit Google reviews because it’s a public like you can’t stop people from posting on there and people only ever like people tend to go online and post when they’re unhappy. So if you don’t have a way to mitigate that or to like manage your public reputation I think that’s a tricky bylaw. So if your bylaws are interpreted to say you’re not allowed to collect them I would actually open a conversation with your governing body about it, because it’s not so much like marketing as it is just it’s reputation management which is quite different. So anyway, let me know if you want to talk about that too. Not necessarily at this webinar, but another time. I think it’s a super interesting conversation.

Step 5: Opting in Treatments [31:22]

Sonia: All right. So the next part of this one is to set our treatment settings. So now that we’ve opted in the practitioners who will be receiving ratings and reviews requests we can now opt in the treatments that we’d like here. So I’m going to go in and opt in for those a few practitioners we chose. So Susan Lowe is our massage therapist. I’m just going to opt her into her treatments. And then we have Michael Carroll and also Marcus Gregory. Okay. So really good that we consolidated that list. We did that little bit of a spring clean earlier does it does make it a little bit smaller and easily manageable to opt in which treatments we’d like here.

Christina: Yeah I feel like if you didn’t do that, you’d have a long, long list of all those inactive treatments that you’re not even using. So always a good idea to complete that step first.

Sonia: Yes. And another important thing we also want to mention here is we’re want to make sure that we’re creating a link between our practitioner and our treatment. So we’ve opted in that practitioner. We do have to link them up with the treatment that they offer just to ensure that that review will go out to them as well, go out to your clients. Okay. So up until this point we would be collecting internal reviews. And then the last part of this feature here and enabling is our Google reviews portion. So I’m going to scroll down here on the page.

Ali: And I’m just going to jump in, there’s some questions about turning on therapists and appointments. And I just wanted to explain why you kind of have to do it in two places. We’re looking at doing some changes redesigns to this page to make it a little bit easier to understand. But the reason is the way that Jane is set up you could have treatments that are shared across multiple practitioners. So I could have three therapists that all offer the same treatment in Jane, but maybe you only want one of those therapists to collect reviews and not the other. So it is a bit of a mix and match. You can’t just turn on a therapist and not turn on their treatments. If you’re just one person it’s going to seem sort of redundant, you’re gonna be like, well, yes of course I want my treatments and me turned on but could you scroll up just a little bit?

Sonia: Yeah, definitely.

Ali: So act as if you have to say which person like who do you want to collect reviews for as a first step and as a second step and for which treatments and in less, the combo is selected. It’s not going to go out. So Susan’s 60 minute, 45 minute and 30 minute are going to go on. But if you clicked Jonathan Morris or one of the other staff members you have to also collect, choose which treatments of theirs you want to select. Does that make sense? So it is a combo that creates the rule that lets you know when to solicit reviews. So if you are having problems where you were like I don’t understand why my reviews aren’t going out definitely come in here and double check the top section there that you have like initial or every third visit or however one of those selected, and then that the combo that you’re looking for are both selected.

Sonia: Okay. Yes. So if we add Jonathan Morris, for example, here we opted him in but we didn’t opt in the treatments that he offers then that review would not go out.

Ali: And Jane doesn’t always list the person next to the treatment because if it’s a shared treatment it’s just, the discipline is listed. So yeah.

Step 6: Enabling Google Reviews [34:33]

All right. So let’s now go into the Google reviews portion here. So first things first, we’re going to want to opt ourselves into ask for a Google review. So we’re going to click that check box. And the second part of this is the place ID. So Allie had mentioned it at the beginning talking about your Google business page. You will have to ensure that you have that Google business page set up so that you can get that unique place ID for your clinic location as well. If you have multiple locations, you will have multiple place IDs depending on the location. So here we have two locations set up in our demo clinic and I can go ahead and search the location here. That’s linked to the village so I can populate the place ID in this spot. One thing to note here as well we’ve been seeing some clinics actually opting in just the address. If you do that, it’s not actually going to link you up to the Google business review portion of that or to be able to see those reviews for Google. So just make sure that you’re actually are searching the clinic name here first. This is also powered by Google. So all of these locations that you’re seeing populate here is coming up from Google. So just make sure we find the right one and connect it.

Christina: And if you’re ever unsure as well you can always feel free to send us an email or give us a phone call. And we would be happy to run a little tests on our side here and just make sure that that Google place ID that you’ve entered is connecting properly. So we’ve had a few questions about that too and just making sure those connections are happening and that it is correctly linked to your Jane account. So feel free to let us know if you want us to check that out for you.

Ali: Christina, can I also just mention there’s some questions here about these settings areas and I totally understand this. So the very top section in the very bottom section here are clinic wide settings, so whatever you set at the bottom and the top are going to be true for everybody currently, it’s just, these are clinic wide. So you can, you have to ask for Google reviews for everybody or for no one but I understand that there’s some people that want to select only certain disciplines or certain therapists for that. So that’s good feedback, but just so you know how it works for now, the bottom section, the top section, clinic wide you can’t change that. And then you can change though, who you select, who you collect for it and which treatments.

Sonia: Yes. Thanks for adding that in Ali. And then also too Christina mentioned about reaching out to us to check your place ID. So our team is kind of working on developing this portion of the enabling settings here. So we’re going to be bringing in a check place ID button. So you’ll be able to make sure and check that that is correct. And that is linked up to your clinic to ensure that those reviews are going to be able to be taken within the email that gets sent to your clients.

Ali: People are asking also location specific. If you enter one location and not the other will it only link Google reviews for that location? Sonia might be a question for you or do you know, do you know Sonia?

Sonia: Yeah, it should link for just the village location here because it will be a unique place ID set up per location.

Ali: So if the I’m just asking this real time I don’t even know, working We’ll know more. If we put one turn, ask for Google reviews and have one location of it, not the other if someone attends a visit at the district and then there just won’t be an ask for a review button on that one.

Sonia: Yeah, that’s right. Because there’s no place ID set up for our second location here.

Ali: Yeah. Well done. Well done team. That’s what I would expect.

Sonia: Yeah. All right. So let’s go ahead and enable this. So we’re going to click our save button at the bottom of the page, so good to go. We’ve successfully enabled.

Ali: So yeah, everyone just so you know, if you don’t if you go to that bottom part there again one more time where there’s a few people asking that stuff. If you don’t click that, ask for a Google review button if you just turn it off you’re only collecting internal reviews now. So this whole top section, you would still have to enable if you want to collect internal reviews. And only that last section is necessary. If you’re gonna, if you want to then go on and collect external reviews.

Sonia: Yeah. We’ll have to opt ourselves in first to collect that Google review.

Step 7: Customizing Ratings & Reviews Language [38:40]

Sonia: All right. So let’s take a look at now that language. So Christina had touched upon it within the patient experience side. So seeing that language that is customizable in the email that goes out to the client. So I’m going to click into my language, a great area to come into Jane, by the way there’s so much customization in terms of language that you can change in Jane.

You’re gonna get a long list below but I like to do an easy search here. So I’m on a MacBook, it’s going to be Command F so if I click Command F I’ll be able to do a quick search here at the top of my page and click enter. And it’s going to bring me right to the customized language that I’d like to change. So if you are on a PC that’s Control F yes that is Control F to go ahead and easily find the language you’re looking to change. All right. We love keyboard shortcuts at Jane. There’s a lot of fun ones to play around with. Okay.

So we’ll take a look at that customization piece now from the admin side. So I’m going to click into this Google reviews negative review prompt. So that was that language that we saw earlier within the email, from that went out to Jane to the client. So this will then again, prompt on a one or two or three star rating. Like I mentioned here, if you wanted to for this negative review prompt, maybe popping your email address potentially, or even the phone number to the clinic. So that in the instance, before they go forward with publicly posting, that review, that they have a moment to connect with you. So it’s a good way to first make that connection with them. And so we’ve been seeing people do that. See, we seen clinics also opt that in there. And then the other customized language we have is of course what we saw earlier, which was the Google reviews positive review prompt. And so this will of course prompt on a four or five star rating. If the client chooses that within the notification email for the star reviews, they’ll then see this language here. And of course you can further customize that and even further encourage those Google reviews to our clients to prompt and go ahead and have them post to Google publicly.

Because we’ve customized the language as well. It’s popping up in this customized language area. But if I just scroll down a little bit further the standard language area is where you’ll find the whole list of those language that you customize in Jane.

How a Ratings Request is sent to Clients [41:07]

Okay. All right. So we’re going to go over to the schedule now and we’re going to take a look at how this review feature interacts with our appointments and our schedule. So we’re here in our schedule in Jane and let’s choose an appointment here. I’m going to choose this Sophia Bailey appointment. So once I choose that appointment in the schedule my appointment paddle pops up to the right of the page. And I click my arrive button here at the top. So as we know, arriving appointment at Jane is going to turn our appointment green in our schedule. And then it’s also going to generate our invoice here. And now, because we’ve enabled the review request it’s also going to then send out that email notification to the patient. So once we click the arrived button it’s going to trigger that to go up to the patient three hours after the appointment time. So there’s a bit of that buffer period from when you have that appointment with your client. And then afterwards, then that review will then go out and be sent to them. So it is triggered off of being arrived.

Now let’s take a look at what, from the clinic view what that review looks like. So I’m going to go into the patient’s profile here. So one of my favorite areas of Jane I love the magnifying glass tool. That’s another one of my favorites on the scheduler, but besides that the messages tab is a really great place to come to. And Jane, if you haven’t explored this area within the patient’s profile, yet I highly recommend doing this. It’s another highly underutilized area within Jane. So you’re going to be able to see a lot of transactional information. That’s gone out to your patients. So on the list here, we’re going to be able to see SMS reminders that have been sent out to the patients, as well as we have received information, appointment reminders for via email. And then we also have our rate your experience. So we’ve got that rate your experience, email that was sent to the patient. And we’ve also got this rate your experience button here within that. So you kind of get an idea of what, from this view what the patient is actually seeing. What I like about this feature even more is you have this delivered badge. So this will let you know that it has been actually sent to their inbox. Just going to back out of that for just a moment. You’ve also got the others a few other ones that you’ll see. So this one is unsent which we want to probably take a look at but you’ll see this change actually over time. So once your client interacts with this email the badge will change to clicked. So that means they would have clicked into a link within that email. So it’s a good place to kind of check to see where they’re at. Maybe they have already submitted the review and we would like to see that review in Jane. So a good place to just check on an individual level for your clients.

Christina: Yeah. I totally agree that this messages tab is completely underrated. I use this almost on a daily basis to find, you know a patient history and to be able to track things like intake forms and any other messages or notifications that you’ve sent out to your patients. So I’d always recommend checking here first in any of those cases to kind of get a good idea of which messages did get to your patients which ones they clicked on or not. So lots of information in there.

Sonia: Yes I love this one. I’m always using it on a daily.

Ali: Just to clarify, you’re only going to see messages here that have already been sent. So if you set up Ratings and Reviews, but a rating hasn’t been sent yet you won’t see anything here until that happens. So if you’re not seeing them where you expect to there’s likely an issue your, the way that it’s been set up. So let us know if you need help with that, we’re definitely available. The support team can help you review your settings and make sure and just figure out where things might have gone wrong. Examples are totally helpful to say I would have expected it for this patient number on this day, and I’m not sure why I didn’t go out. Then we can look into it for you.

Opting a Client out of Ratings & Reviews [44:50]

Sonia: Yes. And then the last part of the patient profile we’re going to take a look at is the edit slash settings area. So when we enable the ratings and reviews that’s going to opt all of our patients in, everybody on our patient list is going to be opted in to receive those notifications for review requests. So if, for example, we wanted to opt out a patient we can do so on an individual level and that can be done within their patient profile here. So if you scroll down within the client’s profile we’ll come to a notifications area. So we have this notifications area here. So if we wanted to opt them out, we can click this. De-select the send ratings, email, and then save. And that will of course opt them out from receiving those type of review requests in Jane.

Christina: Yeah, for sure. And another thing to note here too would be the patients also have that option to turn that on or off for themselves so they can opt themselves into those rating emails or out find heading into their, my account page. So once they log into their, my account area they’ll just want to go into those reminder preferences and they’ll be able to do that themselves as well.

Sonia: Yes. Within the patient portal they’ll be able to opt themselves, in or out too.

Ali: Awesome.

Sonia: All right, Christina. So do you want to take everybody through reporting and usage, I think is the next section here.

Christina: Yeah, let’s do that.

Sonia: Cool.

Christina- Reviewing your Feedback [46:10]

All right. So yeah, now that we had our enabling of the feature set up we’ve got our settings in place and we’ve got those emails sent out. We’re going to start seeing the patient feedback coming in. So we’re going to take a look now at what we can do with that feedback and how we can view it. So we’re going to start by just heading into the reports tab here and navigating over to the left side panel and scrolling down until we see that ratings & reviews tab. Another thing to note here is that we really wanted to make sure since this feature is included with all Jane’s subscriptions, it was really important to us to make sure that everyone had the option to use this feature whether they are including that Google reviews option or not. So even if you don’t have that Google reviews feature enabled we just wanted to kind of highlight here how important those internal ratings can be for your clinic as well. And hopefully you’ll kind of be able to see the value of those ratings and what you can do with them here. So here on this main ratings interviews report page, we can see at the top here that we have a filter section.

And actually before we get in here, it’s also important to know who will have access to this report. So if you’re a clinic owner a full access user or administrative staff, all billing you’re going to have access to your entire roster of Ratings and Reviews. So you’ll be able to see all patients all practitioners reviews that have come in for everyone. If you are a practitioner or front desk staff member you’ll only be able to see those reviews that have come in for your own patients.

So let’s take a look at these filters here that we can use. So the first one here would be the option to filter by staff member. So once you click this option you’ll see the only staff members listed here would be those that are enabled for the Ratings and Reviews feature. We can also filter this report by date range and we can also choose the number of stars that the ratings refer to. So if we only wanted to see our very best reviews that we’ve got in, and just those five star ratings we’ll select this option here. And finally, we’d also be able to filter by rating received dates or by the appointment date.

Ali: And then just talk about positive internal reviews and negative internal reviews. So if we’re just talking about internal here, we collect at Jane internal ratings on all of our support emails and we get it’s actually, it’s so lovely. We have, you are all the most wonderful customer base. The support team would all attest to this. It’s incredible the kind words you send in and it really helps like our team feel like motivated to continue the work. And it also, like, it’s rare that you hear that if you don’t ask for this type of feedback and we take those in those words that we get from you and we share them actually with our whole company to celebrate the work the support team’s doing. And I think it’s also very motivational. I know in clinic, especially as a clinic owner you rarely get positive feedback. Like really rarely get positive feedback as a clinic owner. And so it’s kind of nice to see these messages coming in. It just, I think, makes you feel excited about helping your patients more when or your clients more when you see these, these words and how you’re actually helping them. So even though you may only be collecting internally, it still can be a very powerful tool for your business the positive reviews. And then on the flip side, the negative reviews, we could do a whole webinar about dealing with negative reviews, but they are also almost more powerful than the positive reviews and being able to make a change. Anytime we get negative sentiment, we respond to every single one internally. And then we also will spend time figuring out what made that person frustrated, not just like the support, but maybe it was a product problem or maybe it was a process problem. Like what was it and how can we learn and fix that? So I just wanted to mention how powerful and excited I am about this, just this internal review system for creating a better clinic and for improving your work and the work you’re doing. And also just making you feel better, feel good about what you do every day. You help people. Like, I can’t even tell you the wonderful things that are coming in for the clinic. It’s, a lovely thing to review, so. Okay. Thank you

Internal Reviews [50:24]

Christina: For sure. Yeah. Thanks, Ali for that. That’s so true. So we can also kind of see here how these internal ratings that Ali’s referring to are organized in your Ratings and Reviews report. So we can see her in the top section. This is going to break down your entire clinic ratings. So we see here in this first view, we have our color wheel. So this one is displayed with the percentage of stars. We also have a clinic ratings average out of five stars and then on the right here as well we also have the total number of reviews that have come in for our clinic.

Sonia: Okay so you may have mentioned one thing here, actually as well. I wanted to say we’ve been seeing some feedback come in about the review reporting as well in terms of filters. We’ve been seeing people wanting to, different clinics wanting to have different filters. The one we’ve been seeing a lot is location so that you can filter out the reviews by location. So if you have any examples or things that you’d like to see in terms of the filters at the top of the page please pop them into the chat for us as well.

Christina: Yeah, for sure. That’s a good point. Yeah. So these types of filters up here. Yeah. We’d love to hear your feedback on that and kind of what you’d love to see in this report. In addition, actually another thing to mention here too is with the filters that you do decide to use at the top part of the screen here this would only affect the lower portion of the report. And so this middle section here where we have our color wheel and our averages this would pertain to the entire clinic. So even if you’re using the report or the filters, to filter the report here on the lower part you can always kind of refer to this top section here as a comparison for how you’re doing versus how the clinic is doing on a clinic wide scale.

So if we scroll down here on the left side we’ll see our list of staff members. So if you were a practitioner or just wanting to view a practitioner’s individual numbers you can click on their name and Jane is going to break down their star rating. You’ll see those stars listed below their name there. On the right will have an average as well for this individual staff member and on the right we’ll see the feedback that’s coming in from just their patients. Jane will also total the total number of ratings and reviews that have come in for your clinics.

So if we click onto this clinic category here Jane’s going to show all of your star ratings that have come in for your entire clinic, as well as your full average here. And all of the feedback that has been received from all patients that are visiting your clinic. So as Ali was saying to you, it’s really helpful. And it’s so valuable to be able to scroll through and kind of read these reviews that have come in from your patients in their own words. So I think as Ali mentioned too, it’s a great place to kind of look into those words that your patients are sharing with you and, recognize areas that you can celebrate like places that you’re doing really well in, things that your clinic is being awesome at. And then you can also kind of scroll through and maybe see those have not so great reviews and to those negative reviews, as a way to, maybe make changes or improvements in certain areas of your clinic. So I’m always really, really valuable even just to read these reviews in here.

We also wanted to maybe take a look at another real example here of some feedback that we received. So let’s take a look at this one. This was from one of Ali’s clinics here as well. This message was left by a real patient for Tyler. So this one reads, he is an excellent RMT. His knowledge of the human body is exceptional and able to communicate with me on a level where I can understand what he is working on and why, it’s very well in village physio. PS, thanks for bringing back Mr. Biscuits. And I would love to see and meet Mr. Biscuit, he sounds fun.

Sonia: Ali, let us know. Who’s Mr. Biscuit.

Ali: It’s a dog. You also know this is something they’ll review. Because they said RTM, which I think is quite funny. That’s fine. Sometimes demo data just doesn’t really give you the full experience of what it’s like to collect these reviews. So I know some people can be nervous. I read somewhere someone’s waiting to kind of have a plan for responding to negative reviews before they turn on the feature, which we’re not gonna have time. And let’s, we should very quickly talk about it at the end but it’s nice to know that these things come through and then you can, I just shared these with the whole clinic. How nice is that to celebrate your staff with your whole clinic? It’s just so wonderful so.

Christina: For sure, and I think it’s worth it to read that second one too, because this one is so nice for Michael. This one says a caring, talented practitioner my appointments, bring me immense relief. And it’s like hanging out with a friend. I’d like to have a glass of wine with who sets my body straight for another week. And it’s just so nice to read those, like who wouldn’t love to read that about their own practitioners and their own clinics. So it’s just a great example of kind of how you can use those to celebrate your own success. And it makes everyone feel great right? So those were really awesome to see.

Ali: Dana I’m playing around with how frequently I send them but I really liked the suggestions that are coming through about doing it. Instead of every third visit just like the first and the fourth visit, because then you’re capturing both the initial visits that maybe aren’t returning because they didn’t have a great experience in that fourth visit or that third visit which is your repeat clients that are clearly, you know usually having a great experience. So, and then that’s it because you don’t want to keep bugging them or maybe and then you’re 15th visit. Because then you know you’re going to get your hardcore well, those might be your workers’ comp people or whatever your car, your auto people. So for manual. And then obviously for you’re mental health these are being used a little bit differently. But yeah, that’s a great question. I really liked, I think a few of you mentioned that in the chat, so yeah, still thinking about it.

We 💙 your feedback [56:15]

Christina: Awesome. All right. So yeah, we’re just going to hop over back to the demo site here, but that is, kind of our overview of that ratings, interviews reports. And as Sonia mentioned, we do, really love to hear any feedback that you have on this. So we’d love to hear what you would like to see. Not only in terms of what filters you’d like to see here but even if there’s any types of data or information that you’d like to see included in this report, we would love to hear about that. Feel free to send us an email or let us know another great place to check out here too in your account would be this need help button. So this is located in the top right corner of your account at all times.

Another very underrated feature I think of Jane is this need help button here. So once you click into the need help button you’ll have the option to select this feature requests button that would bring you into our public feedback page where you’ll see a list of existing feature requests that other Jane users have created. You can feel free to vote on those or add your own feedback. We have tons of great feature requests that are relating to our Ratings and Reviews feature. So feel free to head in there and check those out. But yeah, if you add any comments or feedback there you’ll be notified and kept in the loop. If we do decide to add that feature to Jane or make any updates in that area, this is a great place to check out.

Another one here that I wanted to mention in this need help section is our guide search. So again, this is a very very helpful feature that I use all the time myself. And if you have any questions or wanting to read more information about any of our Ratings and Reviews sections or really anything in Jane, you can feel free to type in search word here in the search box. And Jane’s going to pull up a list of relevant guides. So here we have our Ratings and Reviews FAQ page. We have our step-by-step set up instructions for Ratings and Reviews and then also a recap of kind of the patient experience and the practitioner experience as well. So those are always really good to check out. You might find all the answers to your questions in there, but yeah, in the meantime we will be also including those links to those guides in the follow-up email for the webinars. So you’ll see those links in there if you wanted to access any of those guys afterwards

Ali- The End [58:30]

Ali: Is that the end?

Sonia: That is the end.

Ali: 9:29: one minute.

Christina: Awesome wow.

Ali: Okay. I think that’s the end of the official webinar, but do there’s so many like really great suggestions happening in chat. I’m seeing a lot of people are wanting only the third visit and then no more after that. I did. I think this is super fascinating because we’re doing work on a data analytics package right now and it shows you the drop-off of your customers and your patients. How many come for one, two, three, four, five, six, seven visits. That’s, keep your eye out for that. It’s gonna be cool, but it’s interesting. Like how many patients realistically stay for a longterm would be good to know in your practice while you’re setting this up, because then you’ll also know how many times that’s likely to be sent out. Tom didn’t mention, you can turn it off for your patients after they give their first response but that’s obviously not ideal. So we’ll keep working on making that better.

And then do you want me to talk about negative reviews really quickly? You can leave if you’re not interested to hear about thoughts on negative reviews, but maybe we should. Can we spend five minutes? Okay. If you have to head out, it was great to have you here really love hanging out with you. I’ve been looking forward to it. We’ll be doing a few more of these probably in February. And we have a TELUS one for if you’re Canadian we have the New TELUS Insurance Integration, and then we have a few more in the works. If you have anything you want to learn about in more detail just let us know as well. We’re always looking to know for ideas on what we should do webinars on. There’s so many parts of Jane. So if there’s something that you want to learn more about advanced booking yet tags, scheduling there’ll be so many good things on there

Sonia: Before people start to leave. I just want to say thank you so much for joining us this morning on Saturday. It’s been fun to see all the comments coming in and to get you see your excitement about the feature. So it was interesting to see some of you don’t have it turned on yet. So we’re hope this made you excited to want to get started with it. And of course, if you have any questions about it or while you’re getting started, you can always email us too. If you can’t interact with the Q and A now and of course call us too because we’re available.

Dealing with Negative Reviews [60:38]

Ali: Okay. Thanks everyone. Okay I’m going to talk about negative reviews and I’m very personally connected to my work. It’s just part of who I am both in the clinic world and also in Jane, the software world. And I know that practitioners you are too your work is not just your work. It’s a vocation it’s you put a lot of yourselves into it. That’s more than it’s more than just therapy. Your hearts are in it too. So the first thing to remember about negative reviews is that they feel bad and that’s okay. And at first it was really hard to not react to that, but I have gotten better over time because I think there’s actually more value in a negative review than a positive one, especially public.

So the thing about negative comments and people who are negative in general online there’s just going to be people like that out there who you’re just never going to please them. And there are going to be people that have like legitimate problems with your service. So there’s two buckets. There’s like people who are just kind of unkind people online and that happens. I was listening to a podcast about this Tim Ferris and Bernay Brown. It’s a great podcast. If you want to listen to it. And they were mentioning as public personas that they just expect negative responses to anything they do in public. And I just thought that was an interesting way to instead of being like upset, when it happens just know what’s going to happen. And then you can kind of be more prepared for it. It’s not really to do with anything to do with you. It’s just the way humans interact when they’re online and things they would never say in a certain way to your face. They will say when they’re online. So I tell my children this as they’re learning about internet awareness, I said the way that you speak online says a lot more about you than it does about whatever you’re speaking about. And this remains true with you. Now, when you have the opportunity to respond, the podcast, it’s Bernay Brown’s podcast. If you search Bernay Brown, Tim Ferris and Dax Shepard the three of them did a podcast. I have a billion podcasts I can share with you if you want. I’m a little bit of a, my children are like you’re always talking about your podcasts. And I’m like I know I just repeat smart things that other people say.

And so the way that you respond is more powerful than anything else. So if you respond defensively it just doesn’t appear as great online. So if you actually there’s, if you go to Capterra you can see some of the ways that I respond to negative reviews, we have, Jane gets publicly reviewed on Capterra as a software. You’re welcome to look through and find the negative reviews and just, I respond to every one of them. They’re not always like perfect, but, I’m trying to be super thoughtful about it because when someone reads, everyone reads the negative reviews also. If you have a hundred positive reviews and one negative ones, like what’s that one they want to read the negative. What’s the problem here. And so your opportunity to get in front of them is pretty, is high. Now you can show who you are in the way you respond to criticism. Very powerful. So if you’re defensive and angry it just says something about you. But if you can respond with grace and say, like, you know accept the feedback and then go and make legitimate changes. If it’s appropriate, it’s only gonna make you better. So I actually don’t mind negative feedback as long as it’s like not too often. And if it is too often, then I’m like we better change something. That’s for sure. Ask the team what happens if we get too much negative feedback is it’s urgency. There’s some things that need to change. So those would be like just my, I don’t get as upset anymore as I used to. When I first started on this journey I now find it to be a great opportunity to build relationships with other people that are going to be seeing that review because it does create a bigger audience. So you have an opportunity to share who you are and it can be really positive.

If you want to talk more about that, feel free to email in. You can see examples on Capterra also Glassdoor is also kind of relevant. It’s a place where people rate how what they think about working at Jane. And so that’s very personal. So then we also have to respond to negative reviews there occasionally. So you can see how those there. Thanks. Some of us just they went and gave us a five star.

Sonia: I know. I was like, oh, that’s nice. Great.

Ali: Okay great. Oh, it was one podcast, not three. And it just was with Bernay Brown, Tim Ferriss and Dax Shepard, all talking to each other on a single podcast. Let’s do a GameStop. That is fascinating right now. Are you following that? Did anybody buy GameStop shares. So interesting. I’m just finding that such a like it’s such an interesting story right now. Yeah I wish too. That wouldn’t be nice. Wouldn’t it? Okay. Thank you everybody. A pleasure, always. And let us know what you want to talk about next time. I think we should just have a session just to hang out and drink coffee maybe next time.

Sonia: Thanks everyone.

Christina: Thank you.

Ali: Bye. Bye. We’re going to just stay here till the very end. I don’t even know who ends this, Destin do you end this. We’re going to kick everyone out?

Destin: I can end it but there’s some nice goodbyes happening so we’ll be here for a few minutes.

Ali: Everyone’s like, oh, like you hang up first. No you hang up first. You would just hang up when you had real phones. I used to do that all night. Okay. Bye everyone.

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