Jane's Guide Here's all the help you need to use Jane.

Transitioning Your Patient Credits/Receivables to Jane

Part of the transition from one Management Software to another is working with your outstanding credits/balances.

Moving over Patient Credits

If you would like to move over patient credits you can do so using “Credit Memos”. It’s often a good idea to choose a date from before you started with Jane so that these credits don’t display on any of your current reporting.

You can create a credit for a patient by going to their Patient Profile and then to their “Billing” tab (1). There is a “Credit Memo” tab (2) where you can create a credit for that patient (3). Credit memos will not show as income on your transaction or sales report.

The balance you create here will be available for use against future appointments.

Entering Accounts Receivable

Some clinics are choosing to enter their Patient A/R only when they receive payment, others are inputting their entire A/R in advance. Either way we recommend printing out an A/R report from your existing software to work from.

From Import

If we imported your past appointments, you can create an A/R charge for your patient by returning to the appropriate appointment(s) in the past and activating the billing. Click on the appointment to open the “appointment pane”. If the appointment hasn’t been attached to a Jane treatment, then use the pencil button beside the treatment description to choose a treatment and attach a charge.

Be careful with insuring appointments, as you don’t want to create duplicate insurer invoices (expecially for Teleplan insurers).

Arrive the appointment to create the invoice.

Without Import

If you started fresh with Jane with no imported appointments, just use the same idea but book the appointment in to begin, as you would any normal appointment.

It’s a bit of a manual process, but will ensure that your patients receive accurate receipts when they pay their outstanding balance and that the payments will be attached to the correct practitioners for compensation.