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Setting up Multiple Jane Payments Accounts

With Jane Payments, you can process credit cards right from within Jane! But what if you want those transactions to deposit into different bank accounts, depending on which practitioner took the payment, or which location it happened at? We have you covered!

All you’ll need is a unique email address for each Jane Payments account.

First, you’ll want to head to the Jane Payments area of your Jane account, and start setting up your second (or third, or additional) Jane Payments account. You’ll need to use a unique email address for each Jane Payments account that’s setup which you’ll enter during the setup process.

After you’ve setup the account, which will vary slightly depending on your business structure and country, you’ll be taken to the below confirmation screen. Click the link to edit your payment account settings.

You can also access this area from your Settings > Jane Payments area, and clicking the Edit button beside each Jane Payment account.

Once you’re here, you’ll have four options:

  1. Name - this is how Jane will reference your payments account only in Jane. We’d suggest naming this after a particular practitioner or location.
  2. Location - optionally set this payments account to only be used at a location you’ve setup in Jane.
  3. Staff - optionally set this payments account to only be used for a particular staff member’s online payments, such as online booking prepayments, and pay balance emails.
  4. Statement Descriptor - this is what will show up on your patient’s credit card statement. Make sure it’s something that they’ll recognize!

When you go to take a payment, you’ll see a list of all your payments accounts which you named in #1 above, Hooper’s Store and Gotham in this example, as well as the option to take a payment on the patient’s card saved on file from either payments account.

Happy processing!