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Late Cancellations and More Detailed Cancellation Reasons

Some things are unavoidable, and late cancellations can occur for a variety of reasons.

Jane uses the same system to manage late cancellations as for No Shows, but there’s some important things to know.

Adding Late Cancellation Fees to the No Show drop down

You can add as many different fees as you’d like (say you charge full price, or a flat rate, or a percentage) to use when recording the late cancellation.

These Fees can be added from the Settings Tab of your account and then to the Fees area on the left hand side.

You can create as many as you like and some people like to use this area to include reasons as well as prices.

Cancelling Appointments in the Future

​When you use the “No Show” button on an appointment in the future Jane will open that spot back up for online booking if it’s in a time period for which you allow appointments to be booked online.

So even though you see it blocked off in red on the schedule, Jane will allow that spot to be filled online (again, as long as it’s inside your online booking policies).

Cancellation reasons instead of “No Showing”

If you’re looking to record the reason for a cancel but don’t want to use the No Show/Late Cancel system, you can use the notes field on an appointment to add some details about why the appointment is being cancelled before you cancel it.

There’s then a few places that shows up.

On the patient’s profile or the cancelled appointments view in the main scheduler:

And probably most helpful for you on the appointment report:

Adding New Cancellation Reasons

Full Access Role is required to see the Settings Tab.

When patients cancel or you cancel appointments administratively, there’s options to choose from to record the reason for the cancellation.

You are able to customize the list offered to patients when they are cancelling on their own outside of the late cancellation period. If you head to the clinic ‘Settings’ > ‘Language > ‘Admin Site: Cancellation Reasons’.

While you’re editing those, you may also wish to edit the ones on the patient side too, ‘Patient’s My Account: Cancellation Reasons’.

If you have questions or are struggling in any way to record the information you’re hoping to capture please let us know and we’d be happy to brainstorm some other solutions for you!