Jane's Guide Here's all the help you need to use Jane.

Room Booking

You can set up your schedule to display by rooms in your clinic. In this view, each room will display in the main schedule as a column.

IMPORTANT: if a staff member is scheduled in multiple rooms at the same time, and all shifts are enabled for online booking, Jane will continue to offer appointments for an available time until all spots are filled. For example, a practitioner working in 3 rooms at a time beginning at 1pm will continue to display a 1pm availability online until all 3 rooms have been booked.

Note that you’ll need to be logged in as a user with Full Access and have “Advanced Scheduling” turned on from the Schedule Settings tab under the clinic Settings area.

Creating Rooms

  • Head over to Settings > Room Scheduling.
  • Choose “New Room” to create a room.
  • Name your room and assign a location
  • You can then choose to assign all of a practitioner’s existing shifts to a room or skip this step to update manually. You can return to the room later to batch assign shifts.

Assigning Shifts to a Room

A shift can be assigned to a Room when you are creating or editing the shift. Shifts that are not yet assigned to a room will show up in an “Other” column when the Schedule is in Room View (see below).

  • Click the “Shifts” button to work with shifts
  • Click on the shift that needs to be assigned
  • Use the drop down to assign the shift to a room
  • Decide if all shifts in the series should be assigned or just the single shift
  • Review any conflicting shifts in that room

Note: If you have many existing shifts that need to be assigned to rooms, you can use the Assign Staff to Room feature in the Rooms management area.

💡Pro Tip: in the Schedule, Rooms will appear in order based on capitalization and then alphabetical. So for rooms called alpha, Bravo, charlie, DELTA will show in order: Bravo, DELTA, alpha, charlie.

Schedule View

Once you have rooms set up you will see a “Rooms” button in the upper right-hand corner of the Schedule screen. You can choose to view all rooms for a day, or a single room for a week.

Single Day View

From a single day view on the schedule, such as the “Everyone Today” view, click on “Rooms” button to see the Room schedule for the current day. You can still navigate using the arrow buttons or the “Go To Date” date picker to show the past and future.

Weekly View

For a weekly view of a single room, use the drop down beside the “Rooms” button to choose a Room to view. You will see everyone scheduled in that room for a week.