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Breaks, Personal Time and Holidays

Well, I guess you can’t work all the time!

Information about Breaks

If you need to block off time on your schedule, you can use Jane’s Breaks feature.

When a break is on your schedule, it will appear as “Booked” in online booking. Notes on the break are only visible in the administrative side of Jane (so they will not be visible in online booking).

For booking breaks from a mobile device, review this page and then see this guide doc instead.

Booking a Break

Click and release the “Break” button at the bottom left of the schedule. It will turn blue when it’s activated.

Then, click where you will want the break to start. Just clicking once will open up a “New Break” panel on the right where you can set the “end time”, or you can click and then drag on the schedule (as if you’re highlighting text) to create the length of the break in one go. It’s okay if it’s not perfect as you’ll have a chance to edit the start and end time when you release the drag.

This is what the break looks like on the schedule:

You’ll also get a break edit screen to the right. Here you can adjust the start and end time using the drop downs, add a note so that there’s more info about the break, and choose whether it’s a repeating break or just a single break.

If you’re seeing this on the schedule, it means that you haven’t successfully activated the break button, and you’re still working with appointments:

Breaks on the Schedule

You can use breaks in a few different ways:

A Floating Lunch Break

While a consistent break is best managed by booking multiple shifts, if you have a lunch break that might move based on when your patients want to come in, you could use a break. These breaks can be dragged to reschedule them much like appointments.

Block off Part of the Day

Sometimes you want the afternoon to book up first before the morning is opened up. Here’s how that might look:

Or you’re going to the dentist:


If you’re taking time off, you can use the break to cover the entire shift. I like this because then everyone on the administrative side of the schedule knows why the shift isn’t available. You can also add notes, such as who might be covering that shift.

Administrative Notes

The final reason we sometimes use Breaks in Jane is to remind staff or practitioners of administrative tasks that need to be performed. I recommend setting your administrative schedule to start an hour before your first appointment to leave room for this type of break.

Then, when that staff member logs in for their day it would look like this:

Deleting a Break

To delete a break on the schedule, click on it and then you will get an option to update or delete the break. Jane will find any other break with the same start and end time and treat them as a group. Note - you may not have created the break as a series, but Jane will look for others that are similar

Then you can delete or change just that one break or all of the ones listed.

Well. These breaks play a lot of roles! I hope you find this helpful, and if you do have further questions feel free to get in touch.