Jane Guide.

Here's all the help you need to use Jane.

Resource Booking

Do you have a treatment that requires a certain type of equipment? Just one (maybe Shockwave Therapy) or do you have a pool to draw from (3 lasers for example).

Or, do you book casual practitioners based on available rooms?

Jane’s Resource Booking ensures that you don’t double book your resources. Jane will consider the resource availability when booking appointments with attached resources both administratively and in online booking.

Do you think that you need resources, but you’re not sure? The question to ask is “Am I ‘competing’ with other practitioners to use this resource/room during my shift?” If the answer is no, then you don’t need to use resources.

Here are a couple of scenarios:

  • Let’s say that you require a certain treatment room every time that you work. This wouldn’t require a resource because resources are NOT required if no one else can use the resource for the whole duration of your shift. Either note it as part of the shift or manage the resource assignment outside of Jane.
  • Let’s say that you and another practitioner work the same shift and you both offer laser therapy. However, there’s only 1 laser in your clinic. In this case, resources ARE required because both you’re both working at the same time and you BOTH might use that resource during your shift.

Note that you’ll need to be logged in as a user with Full Access and have “Advanced Scheduling” turned on from the Schedule Settings tab under the clinic Settings area.

Still confused? Reach out to our Support Team for help!

Creating your Resources

From the Settings area head down to the “Resource” tab. (Note that you need Full Access permissions for this)

Use the New Resource button in top right to create your Resources.

Resources belong to a Pool - the Pool is the Category of your Resource. If you have just one, the name and the pool will likely be the same, however if you have a number of that type of Resource you can identify each resource separately. Room 1, Room 2, Room 3, Room 4 could all be assigned to the same Pool - “Rooms”.

After you have created your resources, you can assign them to your treatments.

Assigning a Resource to a Treatment

Once you’ve created your Resources you need to let Jane know that certain treatments will require certain Resources.

To do that head over to the Settings again, down to Treatments and then open up a treatment by clicking on it, or create a new treatment using the New Treatment button.

There’s a section in this create/edit pane to assign resource(s) to the treatment. Jane will only allow this treatment type to be booked if that Resource is available. And a treatment can require more than one Resource - Jane will make sure they are all available.

Viewing Resource Availability

The best way to check on availability for appointments with a Resource requirement is to use the magnifying glass beside the appointment. Just click it! Jane will display in orange times when that appointment and Resource are bookable. Then click one of the orange spots to book the patient in.

Once you have Resources set up and enabled, Jane will also give you a new view on your main schedule called “Resources”. A schedule will slide out showing the time each Resource is in use.

Can I override the need for a Resource on the fly?

Sure! But be careful! As you book the appointment Jane will list the Resources needed in the booking screen. If you want to book the appointment even though the Resource is unavailable you will have to uncheck that Resource from the list.