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Deleting a Class

Have you added a Class to your schedule that you need to cancel? Are there already some participants signed up for that Class? Have some of those participants pre-payed for the Class?

If so, keep reading!

Scenario 1: Classes Without Registered Participants

When you have a Class on your Schedule with no registered participants, a “Remove” button will appear on the Class window when you open it up from your schedule.

You can simply press this button to remove the Class from your schedule.

Scenario 2: Classes With Registered Participants

Jane won’t allow you to delete a Class booking that has registered participants.

If your Class has some registered participants, that Remove button from Scenario 1 will no longer appear on the Class window.

In order to remove a class with registered participants, you’ll first need to remove each of its participants.

To remove a participant from a Class:

1) Open up the Class from the Schedule and view its participants.

2) If for some reason the participant is in an Arrived state, you will need to unarrive them first. To do this, click on the “Arrived” status and select the “Mark as Unarrived” option.

3) Once the participant is in a “Booked” state, click on the “Booked” status and select the “View Details…” option.

4) Press the Cancel/Remove button and select a reason for cancellation.

Once you have removed all of the participants, that Remove button will appear in the Class window. You can now press this button to delete the Class (Woot Woot!).

Scenario 3: Classes With Registered Participants Who Have Paid in Advance

If some of your participants have paid in advance for the Class, then you’ll need to unapply each participant’s payment before you can remove them from the Class.

You can see who has paid in advance for the class by opening up the Class from the Schedule and browsing the participant list.

To learn how to unapply a patient payment, please take a look at the following guide document: Unapplying a Payment

After you have unapplied each participant’s payment, you can follow the steps from Scenario 2 to remove your Class.