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Clinical Surveys

With Clinical Surveys, you can collect information from a client before or after their scheduled appointment, or at the time of booking online. The answers to the survey questions are added to the chart, much like Jane’s Intake Forms.

Outcome Measure Surveys

You can use Clinical Surveys to collect client-reported outcome measures before or after appointments, and the results can be scored. To learn more about how to make your survey scorable, check out our guide Outcome Measure Surveys.

COVID-19 Pre-Screening

You can also use Clinical Surveys to send a COVID-19 Pre-Screening survey. A link to fill out the survey can be sent to every client before their visit to ask them screening questions about potential COVID-19 exposure.

Here’s how you can get started using Clinical Surveys:

Step 1 - Create your Clinical Survey

A full-access user can begin by heading over to Settings > Forms & Surveys > View Surveys on the Clinical Surveys tab.

We’ve created a COVID-19 Screening survey that’s available for you to use. If you would like to use our COVID-19 Screening survey, skip down to the section called Enabling your Clinical Survey below.

If you would like to start a new survey from scratch, click on “New Survey” in the top right of the screen.

Step 2 - Build out your Clinical Survey

To begin creating your new Clinical Survey, you’ll need to complete a few details:

  1. Survey Name: This is strictly for internal use, and won’t be visible to clients.
  2. Sending Method — there are 3 options to choose from:
    • Before or after an appointment: All clients will be emailed their survey before or after each appointment.
    • When booking online: All clients will be prompted to complete the survey each time they book online. Please note, the survey will need to be submitted before clients can complete their booking.
    • Don’t send automatically: This is the option to choose if you don’t want all clients receiving the survey each time they book or have an appointment.
  3. Communication
    • Title/Email Subject: This is the title of the survey. It appears at the top of the survey for the client and it will also be the email subject line when the survey is sent out.
    • Introduction Message: This is a block of text that will appear in the survey and in the email. You can use this to help your client understand the purpose of the survey.
    • Message After Completion: This message will appear after the client has finished their survey.
  4. Add Item: Here you have two options, you can add chart items to the survey or you can select groups from the chart builder. To select from the chart builder, click on the box icon to the left of where it says “Add Item”.

    The chart items Check Boxes, Range/Scales, and Drop-Downs can be made scorable. To learn more about this feature, check out our guide Outcome Measures Surveys.

  5. Save: Once you are happy with how your survey looks, head down to the bottom right of the screen and click Save. Don’t worry, your survey will still be automatically disabled until you follow Step 3 - Enable your Clinical Survey.

Step 3 - Enable your Clinical Survey

To enable the survey, find your survey from the list and click the View button.

In the top right-hand corner click Actions > Enable.

💡 If you are unable to click on the Enable button (it’s greyed out), you may have chosen “Don’t send automatically” as your sending method.

Last but not least, you’ll want to enable the survey from your Staff profile. This can be helpful should you need to complete the survey on behalf of your client.

Start by navigating to the Staff tab > click on your name > Templates > Surveys > toggle on the survey.

All enabled surveys will appear in the chart template list and in the pop-up when you are charting.

Editing a Clinical Survey

⚠️ It’s important to note Clinical Surveys cannot be edited once they have been completed by at least one client.

To edit a template, you’ll first need to duplicate it:

Next, you’ll edit your new template. Don’t forget to enable the new survey when you’re ready!

Lastly, you’ll want to archive the old template by clicking View:

Then, click the Actions drop-down button > Archive:

Client View

Clients will receive a link to the Clinical Survey on the day and time you specified. From here, they can click the Begin button.

They will be taken to a dedicated page in their account where they can fill out the form. This form is only accessible from the email and is not currently accessible from within their account.

Once the patient fills out the survey, it will be made available to them inside their My Account portal, under the Documents section.

Using the Template Library

Clinical surveys use the same template library as intake forms. This means that any of the templates that you create can be reused or modified. Templates can also be used so a staff member can fill out the Clinical Survey on behalf of the client. Save your form as a template and then add that template as a chart entry to fill it out. To access the template library, edit the content of one of your Clinical Surveys and click on the template button as shown below.


Can I add a signature on the survey?

Yes, we’ve recently added the signature chart part widget to the Clinical Surveys.

To add the signature item, you would head over to Settings and select the clinical survey. Go to the questionnaire section of the survey and click add item and select signature.

Can I send a survey out manually?

Currently, you can’t send a survey out manually. Surveys can only be sent on a clinic-wide basis and practitioners have the option to fill out a survey with their client on an individual basis. The ability to send surveys to clients on an individual or per-session basis is actively being worked on by the team and is coming soon. Stay tuned!

Is there a notification for the survey being complete, or incomplete?

This isn’t currently a notification for when the survey is complete or incomplete prior to an appointment. This is something we’re looking at so if you’d like to see it, please feel free to add your vote here.

Is it possible to make the screening survey available to be completed prior to entry if a patient did not complete the email on an iPad in the clinic?

The client can access the survey at any time using their mobile phone or tablet. The client can access their email and fill it out while they are waiting. There currently isn’t a method to access a direct link to the survey from an iPad in the clinic.

Can we add an “Accuracy of information” consent to the end of a clinical survey?

Yes, you can completely customize the form yourself using the editor to add any informational sections you believe will be helpful at any points in the survey.

Do Clinical Surveys send out for Online Appointments?

No, currently clinical surveys will only send out surveys for appointments that are listed as in-person type.

We hope Clinical Surveys can help you open your practice more safely and efficiently. If you have any feedback, please send it our way!

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