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Many of you are prescribing to your patients and have asked about how that can be managed in Jane. We know that patient charts can span many years and be made up of hundreds of entries. So finding entries that have specific information and compiling them in one place can help your patient care.

You can create a chart template for prescriptions that can be compiled using the “search” button.

Create a Template

See our guide doc on chart templates, or check out this one on our template library.

When you create a template you can add a “tag” that allows you to search for the entries easily.

Using the Template

If you’ve created or opted into a template, you will see your templates at the bottom of your list when creating a new chart entry (or adding to an entry).

It can be helpful to create the Prescription piece as it’s own stand alone entry, so that it can be managed separately from the rest of the chart information for the patient’s visit.

You can also choose to share the prescription with you patient in their online profile.

Use the “Visible to Patient” button at the bottom of the chart entry:

Compiling your Prescriptions.

Your prescriptions will be found in chronological order with all your other chart entries. But if you want Jane to just pull out all of your prescriptions for you, you can use Jane’s handy chart search.

Here you can see that Jane has pulled all the prescription entries into one chronological list:

You can see the details of the prescription in the text preview.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to let us know and if you build a really awesome template feel free to add it to the template library to share your mad templating skills with the rest of the Jane world.

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