Jane's Guide Here's all the help you need to use Jane.

Importing from PMP

Here’s some info on moving your data over from PMP to Jane.

Exporting your Customers from PMP

So coming from PMP, we’ll need you to upload your Customer export with as much detail as possible.

The Customer List is actually the only one we’ve ever seen coming out of PMP.

Here’s the steps we’ve heard from other clients.

“Use the Utilities Menu, choose Patient Export by Office, the Criteria button is a filter so I leave it blank since we want all the patients in the database. The Fields button takes you to the page where you can select your desired fields ie name, number, address etc, then there’s the option to export comma delimited or Excel.”

You will end up with an exported Excel document with all of your Customers.

Exporting anything else from PMP

We have never had a client successfully export any other data from PMP - so appointments need to be moved over manually by booking them in one at a time after we’ve imported your patients. So it’s good to plan your import over a time period where there’s some downtime (such as a weekend) to book the appointments in.

Uploading into Jane

To ensure that your data is uploaded to the correct account, and for security reasons, we do not accept patient data via email. You can upload the files to us in the Settings > Schedule an Import area.

You can find an overview of this process here: Scheduling Your Import

If you need any further help getting all set up to run with Jane, just let us know!