Jane's Guide Here's all the help you need to use Jane.

Importing from Setmore

Here’s some info on moving your data over from Setmore. We’re able to import Patient Demographics and Appointment data for you from there.

Exporting your Contacts from Setmore

Start by going to Customers, then click the hamburger menu next to the search field. Choose Export customers.

Setmore will then email the CSV file of your customers to the account owner’s email address.

You’ll want to check your email for that file shortly after you’ve exported it in Setmore.

Here is the full guide on Exporting Your Customer Contacts.

Exporting your Appointments from Setmore

Start off by going to Settings > Account > Basic Reporting.

Next use the dropdown menus to specify a Start Date, End Date, or to filter results by Services, Staff, or Classes. Click Generate Report to pull your data (it may take a few moments to load).

You can optionally use the column headers to sort your data by ascending or descending order.

Lastly, click the Export as .XLS button to download a spreadsheet of your data.

Here is the full guide on Exporting Your Appointments.

Setmore Billing Data

We don’t import billing information as there are formatting issues between the two systems, but we can show you how to manually transition your patient credits and receivables into Jane.

Uploading into Jane

To ensure that your data is uploaded to the correct account, and for security reasons, we do not accept patient data via email. You can upload the files to us in the Settings > Schedule an Import area.

You can find an overview of this process here: Scheduling Your Import.

If you need any further help getting all set up to run with Jane, just let us know!