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Importing from Clinicmaster (Desktop Version)

Disclaimer: This guide uses our experience importing from different software, as well as any guides different software publish, to assist our customers in transitioning over to Jane. If you have any difficulty downloading your data, it’s best to reach out to your current software provider directly.

Here’s what we know about moving from Clinicmaster’s Desktop Versions to Jane.

If you’re using Clinicmaster’s Cloud Version, never fear. We’ve got a guide for that as well!

Jane makes it easy to switch

Let Jane be your co-pilot while you’re switching over your busy practice. We have dedicated staff to ensure your transition is an easy one and to answer your questions every step of the way. We’ll help you set up your account so you can hit the ground running and guide you through importing your data.

It doesn’t stop there! After you’re settled in, you’ll always have free and ongoing support from the Jane team whenever you need it.

Exporting your Patients and Appointments from Clinicmaster

Coming from Clinicmaster, we’ll need you to upload your patient export with as much detail as possible, along with all of your past and future appointments.

The Patient List can be exported using the Client Explorer, and your Appointments using the Appointment Explorer.

If you have a lot of data, Clinicmaster’s export tools may time out. If that happens just break your appointments up by year and export each file separately. Don’t forget to export your future appointments as well as your past appointments. :)

Clinicmaster Charts

Please Note: Customers have mentioned that if you are running the latest version of Clinicmaster, you may no longer be able to export chart data from the software itself. Clinicmaster may charge for a read-only version of their data or other export options that we are not aware of.

Clinicmaster offers a batch export of your charts in PDF, but there is a fee for this service. Please contact Clinicmaster for more information.

The batch export of charts will need to be done prior to your license ending with Clinicmaster.

You may be offered your raw data file, which has your chart entries stored in Clinicmaster’s proprietary format. Generally, to import chart entries we need the entries to be in an industry-standard format such as PDFs.

You can export charts individually, so exporting to PDF and then uploading them to Jane one at a time is also an option.

Clinicmaster Dossiers

We can import your Dossiers to create Insurance Policies in Jane for your patients that are working with Insurers. Export the Dossiers using the Dossier Explorer with as much detail as possible. This can help get you billing quickly after the import. If you can get us the Dossier Data, we can get it loaded in for you!

Clinicmaster Billing Data

We don’t import billing information such as Accounts Receivable or Credits as there are formatting issues between the two systems, but our understanding is that Clinicmaster allows for the export of your billing data to back up files prior to your license expiring, so you can retain access to this information after your Clinicmaster access has ended.

We also have a great guide on Transitioning Your Clients Credits/Receivables to Jane that you can follow along with to ensure that’s entered into Jane for you should you need to carry these over.

Uploading into Jane

To ensure that your data is uploaded to the correct account, and for security reasons, we do not accept patient data via email. You can upload the files to us in the Settings > Schedule an Import area.

You can find an overview of this process here: Scheduling Your Import


If you are in BC and using Teleplan, we have a help file for transitioning Teleplan

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