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EMR data migration: How to import data from SimplePractice

What can you expect when you migrate your EMR data from Simple Practice to Jane?

When you’re making the switch to Jane, SimplePractice allows you to export most of your data fairly easily. Below are step-by-step instructions on getting as much as you can export from there, which you can provide to Jane.

What can we import?

Files we need to be able to start your import 🔽

  • Export-Complete.zip or a Practitioner-Export.zip per staff member (and the password if used)
  • Client_Details_Report
  • Client_Demographics_Report (only available for customers on Simple Practice’s Essential and Plus Plans)
  • PastAppointments_Report (Simple Practice only lets you export the Past Appointment History)

Exporting your client demographics and charts from SimplePractice

You can export both your client and chart data from SimplePractice all at once using their Data Export feature.

To export the client demographics and full chart history for your clinic, you can follow these steps:

Exporting client demographics for solo practices

To initiate an export within a solo practice:

  • Navigate to Settings > Data Export
  • Click Export client data
  • Choose whether you’d like to export data for All clients in the practice, One client, or All clients for one practitioner (for group practices)
  • Select the type of export you’d like to perform
  • Click Export

You’ll also want to select whether you would like to password-protect the file. If you choose to add a password, please provide the password in a message in the secure import area in Jane.

Generating your export will take a few minutes, and you will receive an email letting you know when this file is ready to download. After you receive this email, you should return to the Data Export page where you’ll see a link to download the export file to your computer.

Feel free to pop over to SimplePractice’s detailed exporting guide which has some handy visuals for reference.

💡 A note about emergency contacts

From what we’ve seen from SimplePractice, it’s common for Emergency Contacts to be included as part of the exported client demographic data.

If you have Emergency Contacts, no worries! We’re happy to either exclude them from your import or import them as inactive clients. To help us isolate the Emergency Contacts, you’ll simply want to provide us with two additional files: the Client Details report and the Client Demographics report. You can reference this guide from Simple Practice on how to export those reports.

Please note: these reports also include Active/Inactive status, Member Since date, Sex, Gender Identity, and Insurance policy information. You’ll want to include these files if you require those additional demographics in client profiles.

Exporting additional client demographics

To export both the Client Details and Client Demographics reports mentioned above, you can follow these steps:

  • In SimplePractice, navigate to Analytics > Reports in the left-hand menu
  • Scroll down to the Clients & Appointments section
  • Click to open each of the following reports to export:
    • Client Details
    • Client Demographics
  • Click the Export button in the top-right corner
  • Select CSV or Excel from the dropdown (either is fine)

If you’re not seeing the Client Demographics report in the Clients & Appointments section, you may need to connect with the clinic owner to be provided with that file.

It’s also our understanding that the Client Demographics report is only available for customers on Simple Practice’s Essential and Plus plans.

For Active/Inactive status details, you’ll want to filter the Client Details report two times: once for Active and again for Inactive status. As far as we’re aware, it’s not currently possible to include both statuses in the same file. Please ensure you name the Active and Inactive files accordingly so our team can accurately reflect this on your clients’ profiles.

Exporting appointments from SimplePractice

Currently, SimplePractice only allows you to export past appointment records.

To provide us with past historical appointments, you can follow these steps:

  • In SimplePractice, navigate to Analytics > Reports in the left-hand menu
  • Scroll down to the Clients & Appointments section
  • Click to open the Appointment Status report
  • Click on the calendar icon to filter for past appointments from the earliest date up to today’s date to capture the full range of past appointments
  • Click the Export button in the top-right corner
  • Select CSV or Excel from the dropdown (either is fine)

💡A note about treatment names and treatment durations

When we import the past appointments, we use Clinician Name + Billing Code to create a placeholder treatment name (e.g. Import - Practitioner Name, Billing Code) as specific Treatment Name and Treatment Duration information is not included in the Appointment Status report. We also use the Unit column to determine treatment duration, operating with the assumption that 1 Unit = 60 Minutes. If the Unit is not 1 = 60 Minutes by default, please let us know what the standard time is for your clinic so we can reflect that in your import.

Once the import is complete, there is a simple step to update the past appointments with the existing treatment name and duration information in Jane.

Please note: as mentioned above, SimplePractice only allows you to export past appointments in the Appointment Status report as it’s not currently possible to filter the report past today’s date. Any future appointments will need to be added manually following the import.

For step-by-step instructions that include screenshots, you can follow this Appointment Status Report guide from SimplePractice.

Exporting your insurance policies from SimplePractice

In the Client Details report, mentioned previously, there are two columns with insurance information (“Insurance” & “Insurance ID”), which we’ll use to import your policies into Jane.

Please note that due to status information not being present in the report, we import all policies as Open. The policy status can be manually adjusted after the import.

SimplePractice billing data

We don’t import historical billing information as there are formatting issues between the two systems, but we have a great guide on Transitioning Your Clients Credits/Receivables to Jane that you can follow along with to ensure that’s entered into Jane for you should you need to carry these over.

Secure EMR data migration: Uploading files into Jane

You can upload the .zip file (or files if there are multiple clinicians) as-is into the import along with any report files (Client Details, Appointment Status, etc.) directly into the import. If you password-protected your zip file, please remember to include the password in a message in the secure import area.

You can find an overview of this process here: Scheduling Your Import.

Getting Started with Jane: Setup & Ongoing Support 💙

We’ve leveraged our experience with various software imports, along with official guides from other software providers, to create this comprehensive resource for transitioning to Jane. If you have any difficulty downloading your data, it’s best to reach out to your current software provider directly for assistance.

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