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Importing From TherapyNotes

Disclaimer: This guide uses our experience importing from different software, as well as any guides different software publish, to assist our customers in transitioning over to Jane. If you have any difficulty downloading your data, it’s best to reach out to your current software provider directly.

Jane makes it easy to switch

Let Jane be your co-pilot while you’re switching over your busy practice. We have dedicated staff to ensure your transition is an easy one and to answer your questions every step of the way. We’ll help you set up your account so you can hit the ground running and guide you through importing your data.

It doesn’t stop there! After you’re settled in, you’ll always have free and ongoing support from the Jane team whenever you need it.

We’re secure for your everyday needs.

Whether it’s your schedule, charting, or our Free Telehealth Features, Jane keeps you and your patients completely safe and secure.

Take a look through our Security and Trust page to find out how we’re keeping you safe, and what it means to be SOC 2 Type 1 Certified.

What can you expect?

When moving over from another software to Jane, the one thing we like to make note of is the fact that we can’t import billing data. This type of data is incredibly complex and does not transfer between software, as each software formats this data differently than another. It’s best to keep any records you need on hand securely outside of Jane.

We are also not able to import Wait Lists at this time.

What we can help you import into Jane is your Patient List as well as your Charts & Files! The following steps will help guide you in getting this data for us to upload into your new Jane account’s import area.

Exporting your Patients from TherapyNotes

Coming from TherapyNotes, you’ll want to upload your patient export with as much detail as possible. The good news here is that the client list export also provides Insurance Policy Information from what we have seen in the past. This can also be used to create Insurance Policies for your patients in Jane.

The Patient List can be exported by following the steps below.

  • Click Patients
  • Select the Filter for All Staff or make it Practitioner Specific if needed
  • You will want to filter for Active Vs Inactive patients (One report at a time)
  • Select the Export to Excel or Spreadsheet option.

Note: Don’t forget to create a Patient List for Active Patients as well as for Inactive Patients so we can have the most accurate information when Importing the data into Jane. We can import your inactive patients as such providing that we know which list are those patients specifically.

Exporting your Sessions from TherapyNotes

We have not seen this information come over from TherapyNotes before. We would recommend getting in touch with their Support Team to see if this is something that can be provided in a report for you.

Exporting your Charts & Files from TherapyNotes

Chart data is only able to be exported for individual patients and not in bulk. TherapyNotes may be able to perform this for you, but most likely at a cost. Reach out to them for further information should exporting individual clients be too cumbersome.

Once you’ve exported all the charts & files for each client, you can place them all in an individual Zip File and upload that to your import area. Each folder you download for clients should have their names present.

Charts/Files from TherapyNotes can be exported by following these steps:

  • Click Patients
  • Select the Patient’s Name or use the Search Function
  • Jump into the Documents Tab
  • In the section labeled Notes and Files for this Patient, click the Download Multiple link below the list of notes and files
  • TherapyNotes will prepare your document in a blue bar at the bottom of your browser. When your note is ready, click the Ready: Click to Download link
  • Rinse & repeat for any other patient profile you will be bringing over

TherapyNotes also has a handy guide here that walks through these steps should you want to reference it at any point.

Naming your Files

This is an important step and helps us during the import process accurately identify which patient the charts belong to. There are a couple of ways to name the file, but the following works best: FirstName_LastName_Identifier

You can choose which identifier makes sense for you and is easiest. This can be a unique patient number for the patient that’s present on the patient list export as well or a date of birth formatted yyyymmdd.

Should you want a bit more detail about that, scroll down to the Charts section of our Basics of Importing to Jane guide.

Other Data

If you see other data that you’re able to export in Excel or CSV, we may be able to import that as well for you to some capacity. As a reminder, we are not able to import Billing Data. Our guide on the Basics of Importing to Jane shares what we’re able to import for you across Jane.

Should you have questions about what you may or may not be able to import, however, feel free to reach out to us at any time.

TherapyNotes Billing Data

We don’t import billing information such as Accounts Receivable or Credits but our understanding is that TherapyNotes allows for the export of certain billing data to keep as a backup should you ever need to refer to it after that subscription has ended.

We also have a great guide on Transitioning Your Clients Credits/Receivables to Jane that you can follow along with to ensure that’s entered into Jane for you should you need to carry these over.

Uploading into Jane

To ensure that your data is uploaded to the correct account, and for security reasons, we do not accept patient data via email. You can upload the files to us in the Settings > Schedule an Import area.

You can find an overview of this process here: Scheduling Your Import

If you need any further help getting all set up to run with Jane, just let us know!

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