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Online Booking Permissions

You can find some granular Online Booking settings in the Online Booking Settings area (imagine that!). Take a read through, or skip to one of the below sections.

Let’s look at the different settings and what they mean. Remember, here we are setting your clinic-wide preferences, but they can be overridden in individual client profiles.

Online Booking Policy

You can set this either to Online booking allowed, or Online booking disabled. This is a general, blanket setting.

Online Booking allowed will have your schedule available for view and booking to anyone who heads over to your Jane booking page.

While Online Booking Disabled requires that the client signs in before they can access your client facing Jane page.

There’s sort of a middle option where you can screen clients for online booking access. Handy if you only want clients that you want to have access to online booking. You can see how to set that up on this help page about Only Allowing Approved Online Booking.

Verify New Users

You can ask us to turn this on for you if you want clients to do the two-step authentication process before they can book online.

That means that they will be asked to enter a mobile verification code or click on a link in an email to verify that they are giving you real contact info that belongs to them. This can be handy if you’ve had trouble with deviant booking, but can also slow down the process for clients booking online.

If you want this turned on, just send us a note from the Need Help? area in the top right corner of your account.

The next section is available and will only show up for you if you are using Jane Payments.

Online Booking Payment Policy

For online booking policies, you have a few options:

  • Have your clients pay in full when booking their treatment
  • Have your clients pay a deposit/portion of the treatment
  • Store a credit card on file, with no payments taken

When a client puts a card on file, they will not be able to remove it after booking, since that would be against your clinic’s payment policy!

You can also have a different policy for just their First Visit to your clinic. Use the same policy or choose any of the other options to apply differently just to this first appointment.

Here’s what it looks like if you’re requesting a card on file that will not be charged:

As always let us know if you need any help, or would like more information about how these settings work! We’re just a few clicks away using the “Need Help?” option in your Jane account.

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