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Why isn't my Availability Displaying Online? A Troubleshooting Guide

Are patients calling you saying that there is no availability in your online schedule and they are unable to book online? There may be a setting or two impacting this!

TLDR: There are a number of settings that impact online availability, so you’ll want to ensure you check at least these 4 places: Shift Settings, Online Booking Settings, and your Individual Treatment Settings.

In this guide we’re going to review a few common reasons why patients may not be able to book online. Typically, this will present itself either by displaying a login page when patients click your online booking site, or by simply showing no availability for a practitioner.

Online Booking Settings

First, let’s see if you have online booking enabled! (Note: You will need to have Full Access permissions to view this.)

Head to Settings > Online Booking and see if “Online Booking” is Enabled.

If online booking is enabled, you will then need to ensure at least one of each is available for online booking with the following:

  • Location
  • Discipline
  • Staff
  • Treatments

One from each section is required so be sure to double-check these!

Is a client trying to book online with short notice? You may have “Allow Same Day Booking” turned off, or the “Do Not Allow Booking within” timeframe cutting off when the patient can book. You can update this to your desired online booking limitations.

Shift Settings in the Schedule

Let’s head to your schedule and check if your shifts are Available Online.

You can see in the shift block preview if it is either Contact to Book or Not Bookable Online. A booked appointment may cover this preview, so when in doubt, you can click on the Shifts button in the top right to see the settings.

If you need to make a change, click on the shift, and scroll down to the Online Availability. You’ll want to check 2 things here:

  • Check that the shift is set to Bookable Online
  • If there is a repeat, check that the Repeat Until date isn’t coming to an end. If it is, you can extend it by changing the date!

Advanced Scheduling Settings - Tags or Resources

💡Heads up — the advanced scheduling features below are available on the Thrive Plan

Have you added any tags to your Shifts OR Treatments, but have not included a matching tag on the other? Or have you added any resources? Advanced Scheduling in Jane allows you to limit your online booking availability, so this may be why treatments are not showing online.

Check for Tags

Tags are designed to limit availability. So, if you only wanted to provide online appointments on Fridays and not on any other days, you would add a tag to your online appointment(s) and add the matching tag to your Friday shift.

When a patient clicks to see your availability for an online appointment with a tag, Jane will only show them availability for shifts that have a matching tag.

You can see a tag on the shift or on the treatment right from the schedule (hint, if there’s an appointment in the way, click Shifts to see if there’s a tag):

If this is not what you’re looking to do– you will just want to remove the tag, from either your treatment or your shift.

If this is what you’re looking to do, but you just haven’t added the matching tag yet– you will just want to do that.

You can read ourhelp guide doc on Tags for further reading.

Check for Resources

Do any of your treatments require a piece of equipment that can only be used once? In other words, no double booking is allowed! It is possible that your resources are all being used for existing appointments, so Jane does not see any open slots for patients to book.

To check which Resources are in use, head to your Schedule and click on the Resources button in the top right corner. Jane will show a new column for each resource and display the appointments that are using them.

Treatment Settings

Are any of your treatments assigned to a staff member? If a treatment is assigned to a specific staff member, it can only be booked by Staff Member, and will not appear in the Book by Treatment list.

You can fix this by heading to Settings > Treatments & Classes, then scroll down to the bottom (treatments assigned to practitioners will be at the bottom with the practitioner’s name as the heading instead of the discipline). Click Edit, and change it to a shared treatment.

If this treatment is only offered by that practitioner, or if there is a specific practitioner who does not offer that treatment, you will just want to head to their staff Profile > Treatment & Classes and toggle the treatment off.

Alright! While there are a few other reasons your availability may not show, these are the most common reasons. If you’ve gone through this guide and you still can’t quite figure out why you’re availability isn’t displaying online, drop us an email and we can give you a hand :)

You can reach us by clicking the Need Help? button in the top-right of your Jane screen.

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