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Group Appointments

Group Appointments make things easier both for clients and staff who need to book multiple related clients into a single appointment. No double-booking or joint profiles required!

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What’s the difference between a Class and a Group Appointment?

Who are they for?

  • Classes are for multiple unrelated clients, like a yoga or Pilates class.
  • Group Appointments are for multiple (often related) clients joining a session together, like a Family Counselling session.

How are they scheduled?

  • Class times must be scheduled administratively before clients can book online.
  • Group Appointment times, however, can be chosen by clients online, just like 1:1 sessions.

Administrative scheduling

  • Both Classes and Group Appointments must be chosen from the menu to the left before clicking on the schedule.

Invoicing and taking payment

  • Class participants are invoiced separately and they pay separately.
  • Group Appointments have one Primary Client who is invoiced for the session. The invoice includes the names of Secondary Clients who have been arrived.

At this time, there is no option to split the bill between clients who attend a Group Appointment (we’re working on it though — stay tuned 😉).

Setting up a Group Appointment

To set up a Group Appointment, head over to the Settings > Sessions & Classes > New Session area of your account. Heads up that this area is only accessible to staff with certain access levels. From the first drop-down, select Group Booking from the available options.

💡 We also have Online Appointments for Groups! Check out our guide to learn more.

Next, you can select the Capacity of the Group Appointment. This represents the maximum number of clients that can attend the session. For example, in the case of a couples counselling session you would set this value as “2 participants”.

And that is all of the unique fields to the Group Appointment set-up. You will want to proceed in filling out the rest of the preferences as you would a standard treatment. For an in-depth walkthrough on how to configure the remaining settings, check out our guide on Setting up Your Treatments.

Scheduling a Group Appointment

To schedule a Group Appointment, hop over to the main Schedule tab and select the staff member who offers the session on the left-hand sidebar.

Click on the Group Appointment you’d like to book to highlight it, and then select the time slot in the schedule to book the appointment. Notice that this is the same workflow you’d use when booking a class. We want to select our offering on the left menu before we click on the schedule.

Adding Clients

To add a client to your Group Appointment, click on the session and search the name of the client you’d like to add.

Jane makes it even easier for you to book multiple clients by creating a group. More info on Groups can be found in our guide here.

The Primary Client

The first client booked in will be listed as the Primary. The single invoice will be billed under this person’s billing information for the Group Appointment.

To switch the primary client, click on the drop-down button next to the client’s name and select “Set as Primary Client”.

Arriving & Managing Clients

Click on the drop-down status next to a client’s name to mark their attendance for this session. If you would like to perform additional actions for a particular client (as you would for a regular treatment), click on the *View Details option.

Invoicing for a Group Appointment

💡 Note: It is not required for all of the clients in a Group Appointment to be arrived in order for an invoice to be generated.

An invoice will be generated for the Group Appointment once the Primary Client is marked as arrived. Just like a standard one-on-one session, you will have the option to add adjustments to the invoice, add insurance coverage, as well as collect payment.

Charting for a Group Appointment

If you’re charting from the Day View, you’ll notice the workflow is slightly different than charting for a one-on-one visit. Let’s take a look!

Start by clicking on the Group Appointment that you’re charting for, which will open up the appointment panel on the left. Next, select the client’s name you’d like to chart for:

Once you have finished charting for one of the clients in the Group Appointment, you’ll click Sign and confirm that you want to sign this chart entry.

Next, a pop-up will appear asking if you want to copy this chart to other clients. You have the option of individually selecting clients or using the Select All button for any Arrived and Not Arrived participants. When you’re ready, click Copy Entries.

This creates a copy of the signed entry in the selected participants’ profiles. You can think of this as a photocopy of a paper file, so if the original entry is changed, you will need to re-share this information across related files for a consistent paper trail. You can learn more about the Copy to Client feature here.