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Discounts and Price Adjustments

Let’s say you want to create or track special discounts, or you treat clients on a sliding scale and you want Jane to remember their discount. In Jane, we call these Adjustments. Here’s how you can use them:

Create an Adjustment

To create a new type of Adjustment, head over to your Settings tab and choose Adjustments from the list on the left.

Click New Adjustment at the top right and then begin by labelling your new adjustment.

Adjustment Type

Override will completely replace the price of the treatment with whatever you choose as the override amount. So if you set a $25 override on a $125 treatment, the visit will now be $25.

Percent Discount will reduce the cost by whatever percentage you enter. So a 10% discount will drop a $100 visit to $90 and a $50 visit to $45.

Dollar Discount will reduce the cost by whatever dollar amount you enter. So a $20 discount will drop a $100 visit to $80 and a $50 visit to $30.

Provider of Discount

Clinic & Staff Member will reduce the price of this visit on the compensation report to the adjusted value. So if a $100 visit is reduced to $50 then the staff member will be compensated for $50.

Clinic Only will not reduce the price of this visit on the compensation report to the adjusted value. So if a $100 visit is reduced to $50 then the staff member will be compensated for the full $100 as if the full amount had been charged.

Applying the Adjustment

From the Schedule

To apply the Adjustment from the main Schedule, open the Appointment Panel by clicking on the appointment. Scroll down to the “Billing Info” area and open it up.

If you hover over the billing info you will see two buttons appear “Adjustment +” and “View”:

Hit the Adjustment button to modify the cost of the appointment.

Note All Adjustments are applied to the Pre-Insured amount. So if you are discounting a service, this discount will be applied to the price of the visit as a whole and then the insurer portion will be calculated. This is to ensure that insured percentages are being honoured.

From the Patient Profile

Once your Adjustments have been set up, you can assign a default Adjustment to an existing patient profile. This way, the Adjustment will be applied automatically to all upcoming appointments and purchases for this patient, and they would pay the lower price without you having to manually adjust the invoice.

To add a default Adjustment, click the Patients tab in the top menu, and then click the patient’s name from the lefthand side. On their profile, you’ll see a Default Adjustment heading on the lower righthand side. Click Add and choose the appropriate Adjustment from the list.

The Adjustment will then appear in the Billing Info section of the patient’s future appointments.


Editing an Adjustment for a Specific Appointment

If you need to remove the Adjustment from a specific appointment, you can do so using the blue X next to the Adjustment name in the Billing Info section. Removing it from a single appointment will not affect future appointments if you have a default Adjustment set up for a patient.

At any point, you can also override the discount to a different amount: Once the Adjustment is applied to the appointment, you can click directly on the name of the Adjustment to open up an Edit window.

From here, you can change the type of Adjustment, the Value, and the Provider.


Find the Adjustment report in your Reports tab.

You can report on Adjustments by location, staff member and date range.

Helpful in finding out how much value you’ve given away through your different promotions or Adjustments.

Let us know if you need any further direction with working with Adjustments in Jane!

Frequently Asked Questions

The provider of the discount was set to the wrong method by mistake, how do I change it?

If you had set the Adjustment’s provider of the discount to be Clinic Only, when it should have been Clinic & Staff Member (or vice versa), you’ll be able to update this at any time by visiting your Settings > Adjustments area.

Keep in mind that once the settings have been updated, Jane won’t automatically update appointments that have been previously associated with this Adjustment (to ensure past invoices are not affected). You will want to remove the Adjustment from the session you are working with, then add the Adjustment back onto the session to reflect the new settings.

If working with the Compensation Report, you’ll want to make sure to Load a Fresh Copy to view any changes that have been made.

Are default price Adjustments applied to Group Appointments?

Yes, under one condition. If the Primary Client has a default price Adjustment on their profile (for example, a sliding scale arrangement), then that Adjustment will be applied to the cost of their Group Appointment. Price Adjustments on Secondary Clients’ profiles will not be applied to Group Appointments.

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