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Creating a Narrative Chart

Guess what? Drum Roll, please 🥁… Jane’s charting is now even faster! 🥳

The newest Smart Options & Narrative for Charting chart part has the ability to create a customer narrative within just a few clicks.

If you’ve read through the guide for the Smart Options & Narrative for Charting and would like to jump to some examples - please feel free to scroll down to our Examples section. If you are wanting to learn more about creating narratives within your charts, continue on.

Setting up Your Narrative

First, create a new chart template in a Staff Profile, and add the Smart Option & Narrative chart part. Once added, hover your mouse over the section then click to begin editing.

On this step, select the Narrative option shown below from the drop-down menu.

Once selected, Jane will display three new boxes to help you create your narrative.

  • Intro: a place to build the introduction of your narrative. This can be a few words or an entire paragraph.
  • Choice Phrasing: this section pairs with the intro to customize the middle section of the sentence. Click the subject or choice button to insert the respective option
  • Outro: this is the ending of your narrative

After the phrase is set up, we can focus on the subjects and choices.

The subjects and choices both contain optional short labels, which are displayed when you are charting. The signed chart, however, will contain the full narrative that you’ve created.

Let’s take a look at a few Examples

The One Liner

In the truest form, this part can help you turn your chart into a sentence. Set up one subject and select the choice to complete the sentence.

Subject: Pain

Choices: Increasing, The same, Decreasing

Intro: Today the patient indicated their

Phrasing: %{subject} is %{choice}


Preview: Today the patient indicated their pain is increasing.

Avoiding Repetition

If you’d like to avoid repetition and save space in your chart we recommend this setup. This works well if you have the same choices for each subject.

Subjects: Pain, Anxiety, Stress

Choices: Increased, Remained the same, Decreased

Intro: The patient mentioned their

Phrasing: %{subject} has %{choice}

Outro: since the last visit

Preview: The patient mentioned their pain has increased, anxiety has remained the same, and stress has decreased since the last visit.

Advanced (Multiple short labels with emojis)

To kick it up a notch further, feel free to add additional choices to indicate other characteristics.

Subjects: Pain, Anxiety, Stress

Short Label:

Intro: Upon examination, the patient reported the

Phrasing: %{subject} is %{choice}

Outro: over the last 3 days

Preview: Upon examination, the patient reported the pain is the same during the day, and decreasing at night.