Jane's Guide Here's all the help you need to use Jane.

Chart Template Library

Jane loves her community! There are a number of generous practitioners who have worked to build fantastic templates in Jane and have shared them into our Library.

Sharing your Template

Once you’ve created a template you can contribute to this resource pool! There’s a button at the bottom of your template that allows you to “Share in Jane’s Template Library”.

When sharing your template you can assign it to a discipline, choose whether or not to share your name as the author and add any notes about how the template can be used.

Pulling in Templates from the Library

To access the Library, head over to your Staff profile to your “Chart Templates” area. Click the “Template Library” button.

The Library will slide over and you can browse through the templates. Click on one to view it. Look it over and click the “Add” button to pull it into your Chart Template area of your Jane account.

Once you have loaded it in, you can edit and modify the template any way you like - this does not affect the version that’s in the Template Library. Delete, add, alter - make it your own!

If you have questions about how the library works or want to let us know how you think it could be improved, we’d love to hear from you.

Just use the “help” button at the bottom left of your screen to send us a message directly.

Happy Browsing!