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Online Booking Availability for Online Appointments (Telehealth)

There are a few ways that you can customize your online booking availability for Online Appointments.

In this guide we’ll cover:

  • How to only offer Online Appointments (Telehealth) in online booking
  • How to offer Online Appointments on a specific day or time in online booking

If you have not yet set up your Online Appointment offerings, you’ll want to do that first :)

Setting up Jane’s Online Appointments

How to only offer Online Appointments (Telehealth) in online booking:

If you have paused all in-person appointments, then you may wish to remove those treatment types from your online booking site temporarily, leaving only the Online Appointments (Telehealth) you’ve created visible.

Here’s how you can do this!

Logged in under a Full Access account, start by heading to Settings > Online Booking.

Find the Treatments Listed in Online Booking section, and use the checkboxes to select and deselect the treatments you would/wouldn’t like to have displayed online.

Click Save to finish.

And that’s it! You can return here at anytime to update the Treatments you would like to be visible.

Jane Tip: Click your name in the top right corner, and then select Online Booking Site from the menu to see how your online booking site is looking.

How to offer Online Appointments on a specific day or time in online booking:

Do you only want to offer Online Appointments on a specific day? Or maybe only in the mornings? If so, you can set this up using our tags feature.

Jane’s Tags feature allows you to limit treatment availability on your online booking site by tagging a specific treatment with a specific shift.

Important Note: Tags only apply to online booking. Staff will always have the ability to override tag requirements when booking administratively.

Here are the steps!

Step 1: Create the Tags

In order to use the Tags feature, you’ll need to turn on Advanced Scheduling in your account.

Logged in as a user with Full Access permissions, start by heading to the Settings tab, and then find Schedule Settings. At the bottom of the page, click the check box to turn on Advanced Scheduling.

You’ll now see a new section appear called Advanced Scheduling under the Settings tab. Scroll down to find the Tags area.

Use the New Tag button on the top right in order to create tag(s):

We recommend creating two tags: “Telehealth” and something like “Regular” or “In Person” (the wording doesn’t really matter). These are only used internally, and will never be displayed to your patients.

Step 2: Assigning Tags to Treatments

Next, you’ll assign each of your treatments to the matching tag.

To apply the appropriate tag, head over to Settings > Treatments & Classes. Click to Edit the treatment, and then scroll down to the very bottom and select the tag.

So any Online Telehealth Appointments will get the “Telehealth” tag, and in-person treatments get the “In-Person” tag.

Continue matching each appointment with the correct tag.

Great! We’re almost finished.

Step 3: Assigning Tags to Shifts

Jane will always look for a match between tags on your treatments and tags on your shifts.

Important Note:

  1. Untagged treatments will NOT be offered on a tagged shift in online booking. Appointments can only be booked into a shift with a matching tag.
  2. If you have not assigned a tag to your shift, any treatments with a tag will NOT be offered. If you want a shift to be bookable by two types of treatments, then you’ll want to have two tags on that shift.

To tag your shifts, head to the Schedule view and click Shifts in the top right.

When you click to edit one of your shifts, you’ll see an area to add tags at the bottom. Start typing in the name of your tag, select the appropriate tag, and Save:

Example 1

Say you are looking to offer in-person treatments in the morning, and Online Appointments in the afternoon. You’d want to create two mini shifts on your schedule, and assign the correct tag to each shift:

Example 2

Let’s say you would like to offer only Online Telehealth Appointments for the next two weeks, and allow in-person appointments to resume the following week.

You’d want to assign each Shift for the next two weeks the “Telehealth” tag. After that, you’ll assign the tag for your in-person and regular services to the following weeks. This will ensure for the next two weeks only “Telehealth” tagged treatments can be booked, and after that date patients can only book regular in person treatments.

When your schedule has returned to normal, you can remove the tagging system all together, or keep it in place.

Step 4: Watch the magic happen

Once you’ve tagged both your shift and your treatment, head to the Schedule view to see your tags in action. You can use the magnifying glass next to your treatment to see all available treatment times, and these will be restricted to shifts with a tag that matches your treatment:

Jane will do the same thing for your online booking site.

And that’s it!

We hope this has helped, but do let us know if you have any questions about this process.