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Unscheduled Patient Report

Patient compliance. One of the hardest things for a clinic to manage. No worries, Jane’s here to lend a helping hand at getting those clients back in for their continued care.

This report ensures that you are aware of which clients are not booking appointments into the future.

To view it, follow me over to your Reports tab on the top blue bar, and click Unscheduled Patient Report (Last Visit)

Here is a report that will show you which clients have not rescheduled since their last visit.

Across the top you are able to filter for specific date ranges, return visit reminder status, as well as the state of the last visit.

From here you can add a Return Visit Reminder to the patient profile or see if one has been set. The reminder is a gentle suggestions to follow up. To read more about these, check out our guide: Return Visit Reminders


If you mark a patient as discharged or deceased they will not appear on the Unschedule Patient Report.