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Client Relationships

Sometimes your client wants emails sent to multiple addresses - often regarding a child’s profile where both parents should receive email communication. On that same note, sometimes parents want to be able to book appointments for their children and pay for their visits.

Jane’s Relationships feature allows administrators and clients to grant specific permissions to other related profiles, like allowing another profile to receive a client’s booking confirmation and reminder emails, for example.

Jane tip: If you’re looking for a faster way to book related profiles into a Group Appointment (like family counselling) then check out our guide on Groups. Adding clients to a Group has no effect on their relationship permissions. Instead, it helps administrators book multiple related clients into a Group Appointment by searching for the group name (eg. The Smiths) instead of each individual client’s name.

How to set up a Relationship between client profiles:

Search for and open the profile for the main client. Next, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the profile to the Relationship section and click Add Relationship.

A screen will pop up asking you to search for the client you want to link this profile to:

Start typing the name of a client that already has a profile in Jane. If you are trying to link the client profile to a person that doesn’t yet have a profile in Jane, we should back up a bit. Jane can only link clients to one another if they both have client profiles in Jane.

Once you’ve searched for and selected the family member, you’ll need to:

1 - Use the drop downs to define the relationship for both clients.

2 - Define the granted permissions for both clients. These permissions include receiving invoice payments from each other (i.e., allowing the other person to pay for your visits), managing bookings and intake forms, receiving copies of email notifications and reminders, receiving copies of receipts, statements, and financial emails, and seeing appointments in calendar subscriptions.

Jane tip: For security purposes, an email notification is sent to a client when their relationship permissions are edited, either by themselves or administratively.

3 - Click Save to finalize your choices and save this relationship to the client’s profile.

For more information on how a client can book appointments for their family and use their credit cards on file to pay online, please have a look at the following guide: Family Profiles - Managing Family Members from the Client Profile

For more information on how you can charge a client’s visit to a related profile (for example, a parent paying for a child’s visit) check out our guide on Payments for Related Clients.