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Only Allow Approved Online Booking

Something that comes up regularly is practitioners who only want their pre-screened clients to have access to their online booking.

No worries, Jane is happy to help! Here’s how you can set that up:

Online Booking Policy

We’re going to start with your global online booking policy. You can find this in your Settings Tab under the Online Booking Area.

Set this to Online Booking Disabled:

Allowing a Client Access to Online Booking

Head to the patient’s profile from the Client Tab and use the Edit/Settings button, or any of the pencil icons to access the Edit Screen.

There, you can scroll down to find a setting that allows them to access the online booking.

What Patients See

When they get to your Jane site online, they will first be asked to sign in:

Once logged in, if they are okayed for online booking, they will see a “Book an Appointment” Button.

If they do not have online booking enabled, those buttons just don’t show up. Then, when they click the online booking buttons they would get access to all the normal online bookable schedules, staff, treatments and shifts.

Note - there will be no mention of online booking if they do not have permission, so your clients will not be aware that online booking is available.

See this help page on what gets displayed online.

See this help page for other options and restrictions with online booking.

And one more! Check out Setting Up Online Booking like a Boss for more help with fleshing out your online booking site.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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