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Product Performance Report

This report can be used to pull out a few different pieces of information. I like it because it can give you some super interesting information, and it’s a nice complement to the compensation report if you’re paying on profit of inventory sales instead of a set percentage.

Product Performance Report

This can be found in the Reports tab.


You can choose to filter down by practitioner, by date range and by All Purchases, Just Products or Just Appointments.

Appointment Only

Appointment only might be handy if you’re looking to see the number of a type of visit that was completed in your clinic or by a practitioner over a certain time frame.

Product Only

While Product only is great for seeing number of sales as well as profit on certain items.

You set the sales price and cost of an inventory item when you create the product.

Export or Print

You can print or export the report to excel for further manipulation.

If you have other questions about using this or any of the other reports in Jane please let us know!