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Batch Chart Export for Practitioners

If you’re leaving a clinic that uses Jane and you’d like to get all of your charts that you’ve authored out of an account, you’re in the right place!

There are a couple of things we do like to note first, though.

Transferring Charts

If you are transitioning to another clinic that uses Jane and you wish to just have your charts transferred there, you also have the option to do a Jane to Jane Transfer. You can head on over to this guide to get more information, Jane to Jane Transfer: A Detailed Guide.

Data Ownership

First a quick note on ownership.

In Jane’s eyes, there is only one Account Owner who owns the data and that is the staff member that holds the Account Owner Badge in the staff profile.

Any download link or further questions are directed to the account owner for clarification in regards to the data held in the account.

Exporting Charts

If you are just looking to export your charts as a batch, and not for immediate transfer to another Jane account, either the account owner or practitioner can email [email protected] to request this. For security and privacy purposes, only the account owner is sent the link to download the chart zip file, though, which can then be passed off to a practitioner.

We can provide a one-time batch export of charts that includes all chart entries in clearly labelled PDFs and an excel file that matches up to all of the chart entries to the correct Jane Patient Profile. This format is both easily accessed without any special proprietary software and is also simple to import into a different clinic management software.

Getting Your Exported Chart File

When we export the charts in batch, we are only able to send the download link to the Account Owner of an account, who as outlined above, is who Jane sees as the owner of the data in the Jane account.

Once downloaded, the account owner can then use a secure file transfer service or secure USB device to pass the downloaded charts to the practitioner.

Exporting Patient Demographics from the Original Account

This is accessible by those with the Account Owner or a Full Access Staff Profile. The Patient List can be exported to excel from the Reports tab. The report can be filtered by a single practitioner to provide just clients seen by a certain practitioner.

Once filtered appropriately, use the Export button to create an excel file. Save this excel file for upload to the new Jane account (see below).

Note The excel file when exported contains more fields than is viewable in the preview mode. Jane will export every field from the patient profile and also includes a first and last visit field.

Exporting Appointments from the Original Account

Appointments can be exported from this same Reports area. This can be filtered in the same way down to a single practitioner and a date range to include past and future appointments if appropriate.

Export to excel in the same way as with the patient profile. Save this file in excel for upload to the new Jane Account.

For Products and Insurance Policies

You can also run and export the Inventory and Insurance Policies reports for transfer. It’s important to note however that these two reports will contain clinic wide information and cannot be filtered by practitioners. You will have to manually remove any data you don’t want to be transferred from the exported reports.

Insurance Policies

To export the insurance policies, you will go to Reports > Insurance Policies > Export. As mentioned above, this will be every policy for every patient in the account and not practitioner specific.

You can either provide this to the practitioner and request that we filter it specifically to the patient list for only that practitioner, or schedule an import in your own account as the Source Account Owner and provide us that file directly there, and not having to provide the extra information to the practitioner leaving. We will then filter that report and upload only insurance policies pertaining to that practitioner.


You can export this report by going to Reports > Inventory > Export, though you will need to remove the rows of products that you don’t wish to import into the new account before providing that file to us.

Importing Patients and Appointments to New Jane Account

You’ll need to start by Scheduling an Import in your new account. If you’re joining an existing account and are not the Account Owner or a Full Access user, you will need to get the Account Owner to schedule this for you.

You can find an overview of this process here: Scheduling Your Import

If you have any further questions about any of this please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’d be happy to help you!