Jane's Guide Here's all the help you need to use Jane.

Cancellation Policy

Life’s unpredictable. For that very reason, Jane lets you customize your cancellation policy while still giving patients lots of options.

Late Cancellation Period

You can set the period of time prior to an appointment where a patient can cancel without penalty.

All communication to a patient about their appointments (reminders & notifications) will include a message that lets them know about the late cancellation period.

Allowing Patients to Cancel

Patients will be able to cancel upcoming appointments by visiting their “My Account” page (if you’ve enabled this feature). They can only cancel an appointment if it is prior to the “Late Cancellation Period”. Otherwise, a “Contact to Cancel” message will appear.

If you don’t want patients to be able to cancel appointments, in your “Settings” you can disable this under “Online Booking”:

Patient’s My Account Page - Cancellable Appointment

Patient’s My Account Page - Contact to Cancel