Jane's Guide Here's all the help you need to use Jane.

Mass Welcome Email

When you first start up with Jane, one of the things you might consider is sending out a Mass Welcome Email.

The intention of this email is to notify your clients that you have a new online booking system and they already have a profile. This is especially helpful if you have imported clients from another database OR if you are starting up with online booking for the first time.

The reason this Mass Welcome Email is helpful is because when clients try to book online, they need to be linked to their existing profile in order to avoid creating a duplicate profile (although that’s almost inevitably still going to happen occasionally - learn about Merging Clients here).

Customizing your Message

You can create your own message to accompany the welcome email - often introducing the email and the reason to set up an account. It’s great to include some specific messaging here, especially because there are potentially some people in your database who may be getting an email from you for the first time in a while!

Find your welcome email preview in the Settings –> Mass_Welcome_Email area of your account. You will need to have a “Full Access” role to access this area.

Intro Text

The intro text is fully customizable and you can either use the default language that we have provided or you can edit it to be hyper relevant to your user base and your tone of voice as a practice.

Remember that some people won’t remember having been to your practice or might think they are on a marketing list. In this example I’ve added some language about why they are receiving the email.

Body Text

You can also make changes to the Body Text that shows up beneath the main message.

All of these sections allow you to use some fancy “Markdown” code - which you can see if you click on the blue words that say “View formatting instructions”.

Patient Account Options

The section below the custom text is built out by Jane based on the settings on your general account.

Let’s look at this line first:

“With your online account you will be able to schedule appointments, cancel upcoming appointments, and view your appointment history.”

Scheduling appointments is listed if you have Online Booking enabled for your account. Learn more about What is Offered in Online Booking here.

Cancelling appointments is listed if you have “Allow Cancellations” as an approved action for your clients. This is listed and would be available even if online booking is not enabled.

Learn more about your Patient Account here and about Allowing Cancellations Online here.

The Maps are visible based on the preferences you have set on each location individually. If you would like to NOT have a map displayed you can remove the coordinates on the Settings –> Clinic_Info_and_Settings tab to deactivate the map.

Sending the Mass Welcome Email

Once you are ready to send out the email you can do so in just a click of a button.

Jane will send the message out to all profiles that haven’t received a welcome email manually in the past and that have a valid email address.

Congratulations! You’re up and running with Jane.