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Pacific Blue Cross - Setting up your PROVIDERnet Integration

Here’s all the detail you’ll need to set up your Pacific Blue Cross PROVIDERnet integration so you can begin directly billing claims from the comfort of your Jane account.

If you are not currently registered to submit claims to Pacific Blue Cross on behalf of your patients, you’ll need to register your clinic prior to establishing your integration in Jane.

You can complete the registration process through Pacific Blue Cross here

Practitioners that are able to use Jane’s Pacific Blue Cross PROVIDERnet integration are: Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Massage therapists, Naturopathic doctors, Physiotherapists, Podiatrists and Psychologists.

💡If you are a mental health practitioner who is providing services to FNHA clients: Pacific Blue Cross does not yet support all the required functionality for FNHA billing through their integration. This means that you should continue to submit these types of claims through the PROVIDERnet portal.

There can only be one Pacific Blue Cross login per integration. If you currently manage Pacific Blue Cross submissions for your patients through multiple PBC logins (ie. each practitioner has their own PBC username and password), you would only be able to connect one account to your Jane account meaning that claims for only one practitioner could be directly submitted through Jane.

Jane is not able to support multiple connections between PROVIDERnet locations and a single Jane location. In order to use Jane’s PROVIDERnet integration optimally, you will need to ensure that the locations in your PROVIDERnet account match the location set up you have in Jane. If you currently have multiple locations set up with PBC but only one Jane location, you would only be able to submit claims for a single PBC location through Jane. If either of these cases applies to you please contact Pacific Blue Cross Provider Relations at [email protected] to discuss your current account setup and the options available to consolidate multiple accounts under a single login or to consolidate multiple locations.

Once your registration is complete, you can jump ahead to the steps below.

If you currently have an account with Pacific Blue Cross, you’ll need your username and password and then you’ll want to head into the Settings tab of your Jane account to the Integrations page.

On the Integrations page, you’ll want to click the Get Started button.

From the next page, click the blue button to Get Started with Pacific Blue Cross

You’ll now be asked for your Username and Password - you’ll want to enter the same login credentials you’ve been using previously to access the PROVIDERnet portal.

Next, you’ll be asked to consent to your account with Jane Software Inc. (your Jane account) accessing the information currently set up in your Pacific Blue Cross account. By checking the “Offline Access” box, Pacific Blue Cross will keep you logged in for approximately 30 days before you’ll be required to re-authenticate with them. On this step, you’ll want to check the box to “Remember my acceptance” as well so that you’re not asked to complete this step each time you go to submit a claim from Jane.

Within a few short seconds, you should now see a list of the locations associated with your Pacific Blue Cross account, as well as a list of the providers set up to bill through this account. Here you’ll select to link the integration for each of your locations, as well as each of the providers that you’ll be submitting claims for.

If the name of a location, or the name of a practitioner is not spelled exactly in Jane as it is with Pacific Blue Cross not to worry! Linking each Jane Location and Staff Member to their Pacific Blue Cross equivalent ensures that the accurate information is being sent with your claims. If there are practitioners that display on the left, but you do not intend to bill Pacific Blue Cross for them through Jane, select the ‘Unassigned’ option from the drop down to not link them to your integration.

If everything looks good - click Save Integration.

You should now see that your Pacific Blue Cross login has been successfully linked to your Jane account and you’re all ready to begin submitting claims - directly from Jane!

During the integration setup, Jane will also create a specific Pacific Blue Cross PROVIDERnet insurer that will now be used to create claims for patients with extended health coverage through Pacific Blue Cross. Jane takes care of this step for you, so you won’t need to worry about creating an insurer yourself.

Additional Notes:

If you have a new practitioner join your clinic - you’ll first need to set them up with a Pacific Blue Cross account under your clinic login. This does need to be done directly through the Pacific Blue Cross portal, not from within Jane. After that registration is complete, you would head back to Settings > Integrations, select Pacific Blue Cross and then use the Edit button to connect additional staff. This also applies to adding additional locations to your Pacific Blue Cross account. The setup for the new location would occur directly through the Pacific Blue Cross portal and you’d adjust your locations connected to the integration the same as you would when adding new practitioners.

If ever, your Pacific Blue Cross login/account changes as a whole - so, you set up and log into Pacific Blue Cross using a new different username and password not connected to the original one , you would need to switch the login connected to Jane using the Reauthenticate button. This would only be done if you no longer were using the original PBC login/account and set up a brand new one.

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