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🇺🇸 Integrated Claims with Claim.MD [Beta]

Welcome to our guide on Jane’s Clearinghouse Integration.

🎉 Integrated Claims with Claim.MD is in beta and we’re so excited for you to try it:

How the beta works

What’s a beta?

A beta provides you access to a feature that is in development. You get early access to all the new functionality while providing us with feedback on anything that might not feel quite right for you. We love that we get to grow Jane alongside you, and betas are one of the best ways to do that.

How will this beta work?

With Integrated Claims, you can connect your Claim.MD account to do the following…

  • [Available now] Receive insurer remittances (835)
  • [Coming soon] Submit claims (837)
  • [Coming soon] View claim acknowledgements and manage rejections (277)

…all right inside your Jane account!

📧 We’ll get in touch before we release those [coming soon] features so you have time to prepare for a new workflow.

How can I give my feedback?

We’re so glad you asked! You can reach out to our team by email anytime at [email protected]. We’ll also reach out with a quick survey or two, and we may host a roundtable discussion for anyone interested in chatting with our team directly.

I’m in! When do I get started?

We hoped you’d say that. 😉 You can get started right now by connecting your Claim.MD account with Jane. Check out the rest of the guide for detailed set-up instructions.

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How to connect Claim.MD with Jane

In your Claim.MD account

Before connecting your Claim.MD account with Jane, you’ll need to log in to Claim.MD and adjust a couple of settings. Choose Settings from the list on the left and then click the Account Settings tab at the top of the page.

Set the SFTP Active field to Yes and the Receive ERA/835 field to 835.

‼️ While on this screen, note down your SFTP Username and Password. The password is only visible once in Claim.MD, so be sure to note down your password before leaving this page.

In your Jane account

Now that you have your Claim.MD SFTP username and password, you can head into your Jane account and go to Settings > Integrations > Clearinghouse and click the Connect button.

From here, you can enter your SFTP username and password to connect your Claim.MD account with Jane.

And that’s all! You’re ready to start automatically receiving ERAs from Claim.MD to your Remittances folder. 🎉

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Receiving insurer remittances

I’ve just connected my Claim.MD account with Jane, is there anything else I have to do?

When you connect your Claim.MD account with Jane, Claim.MD will automatically send all new remits to your Jane account. That said, any remittance that you received before you set up your integration will not be sent to your Jane account.

If you have any old remittances in Claim.MD that aren’t in Jane yet, head to the View ERA section of Claim.MD, select those old ERAs, and select the Send to SFTP Server option.

Don’t worry if you accidentally select an ERA that’s already in your Jane account. Jane will catch and ignore any duplicates!

How can I tell if I’ve received a new remittance (835)?

When a new remittance is uploaded to your Jane account, the ‘count’ next to your Remittances folder (Billing > Remittances) will increase. That count represents the number of remittances that require your attention. When that count begins to climb, you’ll know you’re receiving new insurer remittances to post!

How often does Jane check for new electronic remittances (835)?

Jane checks for new electronic remittances (835) in your Claim.MD account every few hours.

That means that you could see a new remittance within your Claim.MD account that hasn’t yet been uploaded to Jane. But if that happens, there’s no need to worry! Jane will upload that remittance in the next few hours.

How can I tell if an ERA in my Claim.MD account has been uploaded to Jane?

If you’re unsure if an ERA has been uploaded to Jane, you can head to the View ERA section of your Claim.MD account and look for the STFP Download icon. If you see the icon (shown in the screenshot below), that means the ERA has already been uploaded to your Jane account.

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▶ Why are you calling this Integrated Claims?
    In the past, we’ve talked about building Jane’s Clearinghouse Integration, and this feature is the first version of that. We chose to call it Integrated Claims because there are some key features of your clearinghouse that you won’t have access to in Jane (yet!).

    This first iteration allows you to manage your day-to-day billing without leaving Jane. You’ll still need to head to Claim.MD to do your eligibility checks and pre-authorizations, and access some of your billing reports. Our vision for the future of Jane’s Clearinghouse Integration is to help you manage all aspects of your billing in Jane.

▶ Why did you integrate with Claim.MD?
    We chose to integrate with Claim.MD for a few reasons…

    #1: Our community loves billing with Jane and Claim.MD. Jane users who switched to Claim.MD have told us:

    • It provides a smoother and more likely-to-succeed billing process than their previous clearinghouse
    • Claim.MD is intuitive and easy to navigate

    #2: Claim.MD has helper-first values that align with ours:

    #3: Working with Claim.MD allows us to build a better integration, faster:

    • They have resources that allow us to build our own integration, which creates a more intuitive, cohesive billing experience for Jane users

▶ Will you be integrating with Office Ally, Availity, and/or TriZetto?
    Our honest answer is that we’re not sure yet. If we hear that having choice in clearinghouse is the most important thing for our community, we’ll look at building more integrations. The more integrations we build, though, the longer it will take for us to add more value to the insurance billing experience (things like eligibility checks and pre-authorizations).

    If most of you are loving our Claim.MD integration, we can start working on adding more value right away! So please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your feedback; we want to make sure we’re working on features that will be the most helpful to you in your practice.

▶ I’m not using Claim.MD right now. Should I switch?
    We think so! For all the reasons listed above, we believe Claim.MD is a great choice for Jane users. You will need to be using Claim.MD in order to enjoy our Integrated Claims feature, so if that’s something that will make your billing a lot easier (and we think it will 😉), it’s worth making the switch.

▶ Can I connect multiple Claim.MD accounts to Jane? What about a Claim.MD account used by multiple clinics?
    You can only connect one Claim.MD account with Jane at this time.

    Similarly, you should connect a Claim.MD account that houses only your clinic's claims because you will receive all the ERAs from the Claim.MD account to your Jane account.

    If either of those cause friction for you, we’d love to hear more about what might work better for your practice!