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US Courtesy Billing or Patient Pre-Pay

On every Jane account, the insurance billing default is set to Collect from Insurance. This means that you are expecting the insurance company to pay you rather than send the money directly to the patient. However, you do have the option to switch a purchase on your account to Patient Pre-Pay if you plan on courtesy billing.

If a purchase is set to Patient Pre-Pay, Jane will bill the patient your full cash/private fee (the sum of the billing codes added to the visit) at the time of service. After expecting payment from your patient, you are able to send the claim off to insurance on the patient’s behalf.

1) Insure the Visit

Get started with Patient-Pre Pay by insuring the visit as normal.

2) Accept Assignment

Next, you’ll need to view the patient’s insurance claim/policy, and confirm that Accept Assignment is set to No.

When Accept Assignment is set to No, this tells the insurance company they should send payment directly to the patient.

Note: Rules may vary depending on the insurance company. We always recommend checking with the insurance company directly for individual assignment guidelines. If payment is still sent to your clinic, you will need to contact the insurer find out why the payment was not sent to the patient.

Here are the steps:

1) Click the drop arrow to the right-hand side of the claim, and then select Edit Claim.

2) Scroll down to find Accept Assignment and set this option to No.

3)Turn On Courtesy Billing/Patient Pre-Pay

With the claim attached to the appointment, click on the cogwheel button, and set the option to Patient Pre-Pay.

When you switch a purchase to Patient Pre-Pay, Jane will still generate an insurer invoice for the full amount of what was billed, but she will also push that full amount down to the patient so you can accept their payment at the time of service.

4) Submitting and Approving the Insurer Invoice

The insurer invoice that is created is just for your own tracking purposes. Once you submit the claim to insurance, it is up to you when you’d like to record the claim as Approved. Typically, clinics will mark the claim as “Paid & Approved” once the patient has been paid by insurance.

To mark the claim as “Paid & Approved”, head to the patient’s profile > Billing tab > click to “view” the purchase > scroll down to the primary policy > select the “Pay & Approve” option.

When you select this option, Jane won’t actually record a payment from insurance. Instead, she will just move it to the Approved folder.

If you courtesy bill for the majority of your insurance patients, then please reach out to our team and we can change the insurance default on your account to Patient Pre-Pay (rather than Collect from Insurance).

We hope this helps! As always, let us know if you have any questions on this. :)