Jane's Guide Here's all the help you need to use Jane.

Sending Teleplan Claims

All Teleplan invoices are managed in the “Billing” Tab.

Unsubmitted (Electronic)

Claim Submissions have several states for you to work with.  When a Teleplan insured appointment has been marked as “arrived”, the insurer invoice is sent to a “Holding Pen” called “Unsubmitted” (Electronic).   Claims in this Unsubmitted area can be validated by pushing the “Validate” button.  When selected, Jane will review the records to confirm that all the required information has been entered correctly. If any information is missing you will see an error symbol; if everything looks great, you’ll get a green check mark. 


You can enter missing information right from this screen by clicking on the error symbol.  If you’re missing information (like a claim number or a PHN), you can leave the claim in this Unsubmitted area until you get the details.   

You won’t be able to submit a claim with an error to Teleplan because it will be automatically rejected.  To send your invoice into the next step, select the ready-to-go invoices, either by using the “Select All” button and then unselecting the claims with errors.  Once all the selected claims are approved a “Queue for Submission” button will appear.  Click it to send the invoices into the Queued (Electronic) area.

Queued (Electronic)

Invoices wait in the Queued (Electronic) area until you are ready to send them to Teleplan.  

Even if an invoice is in this Queued area, you can always send it back to the “Unsubmitted (Electronic)” area if you realize you’re not ready to submit it.  (Just use the drop down menu at the end of the invoice line.) To submit your batch of invoices, hit the “Select All” button and then a “Submit Selected” button will appear.


You can submit as often as you like and each submission will create a Teleplan Submission record. Some clinics submit in large batches, while others submit every day – it’s totally up to you.  

Teleplan Submissions

All of your batch submissions will be listed in the Teleplan Submissions area according to the date they were submitted.  At any time, you can view the details of what was submitted, including a summary by practitioner and a detailed breakdown of the invoices submitted.