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Online Appointments FAQ

Please note that Jane’s newest telehealth technology is coming soon, we’ll let you know once it’s live for all accounts. If you’d like to be a beta tester for our new and improved Online Appointments feature, you can fill out this form and we’ll reach out with the next steps.

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about Jane’s new 1:1 Online Appointments feature. Feel free to scroll through the questions or click directly on one of the questions below.

Before we dive in…

⚠️You may experience audio issues on your Online Appointment if you are not using the recommended browser types.

  • 👩‍💻On a desktop computer or laptop, please use Chrome.
  • 📱On a mobile device, we recommend using the default browsers (Chrome for Android devices and Safari for iOS devices).

Improved 1:1 Online Appointments

Jane Online Appointments iOS App


Privacy & Security


Improved 1:1 Online Appointments

How are the new Online Appointments different from what already exists in Jane?

We’ve made big upgrades to the user experience by revisiting the quality of calls, and the features available to you as you host sessions online. There are also no more downloads or apps required to join an Online Appointment, eliminating an entire step from the previous workflow.

Is there a cost to using Jane’s new 1:1 Online Appointments?

Our improved 1:1 Online Appointment experience continues to be free of charge and included in all subscriptions.

What browsers and devices currently support the new Online Appointments?

Jane’s Online Appointments are now a completely web-based experience and can be accessed from any device. If you’re using a computer or laptop, the recommended browser is Chrome. On a mobile device, we recommend using default browsers (Chrome for Android devices and Safari for iOS devices).

Jane Online Appointments iOS App

Is it necessary to delete the app from an iOS device?

Once the new version of Online Appointments is available, it’s not necessary to delete the app but you can if you want to! It serves no purpose with our new telehealth technology and is no longer needed.

What will happen to the Jane Online Appointments App for mobile?

The Jane Online Appointments iOS app will be removed from the app store and will no longer be needed to set up or join an Online Appointment with Jane. We will be fully web-based and accessible via a secure link (also known as the familiar blue Begin button).

Will a new app be required?

No. With our new telehealth technology, Jane Online Appointments are now a completely web-based experience.


What’s Jane’s relationship with Zoom?

Jane is incredibly excited to have teamed up with Zoom to use their technology to power our new and improved Online Appointments behind the scenes.

We’ve chosen to team up with Zoom to continue to innovate virtual client experiences, specifically for those in mental health and manual therapy clinics. We’re ensuring we combine the delight of Jane’s scheduling, charting, billing (and more!) with the practices in compliance, security, and innovation from Zoom.

We chose to use Zoom technology for a number of reasons:

  • We can rely on our partners at Zoom to keep innovating on best-in-class, secure healthcare technology needs while we listen to the feature requests and needs you have. Our two technologies meet to make Jane Online Appointments.
  • Their amazing software means we can build more Online Appointments features clinics love and need with more speed and efficiency.
  • Finally, with the flexibility of their platform, our team has total control over what Online Appointments in Jane can grow to be. This means that we can integrate Online Appointments into elements of Jane like scheduling, payments, and even a client-facing app in the future.

Is a Zoom account required to use the improved Online Appointments?

A Zoom account is not required for clients or practitioners. We are using Zoom’s technology to power our Online Appointments, we’re not using Zoom’s app for our calls.

Can customers use their own Zoom account?

Customers cannot use their own Zoom account for calls through Jane, nor can they join via Zoom’s app.

Privacy & Security

Are Jane’s improved Online Appointments secure?

The short answer: yes. There were many important factors taken into consideration when we were creating our new Online Appointments solution, and looking at security requirements was the primary one.

With this in mind, we feel incredibly confident in providing you with a best-in-class telehealth experience that is secure and will meet all your key industry requirements:

  • HIPAA compliance
  • PIPEDA/PHIPA compliance
  • GDPR compliance
  • Multi-layer security with 256-bit AES-GCM encryption

It’s important to note that when you’re using Jane for anything related to telehealth such as charting, scheduling appointments, billing, and more, this data is processed securely through Jane with no affiliation with, or connection to, Zoom.

Can Online Appointments calls be recorded?

Video, audio, or chat communication cannot be recorded during an Online Appointment.


Do you know whether clients are eligible to submit insurance claims for Online Appointment sessions for my discipline and location?

Some appointment types, depending on discipline, are covered by third-party insurance payers. We recommend checking in with your professional association or the insurance company directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information on which appointment types are eligible for reimbursement and how to code and submit them. As you learn new info, we’d love to hear about it! We will take what everyone learns and amalgamate it into a community database.

The consent form that is shown prior to the Online Appointment is not modifiable at this time. There may be additional consent requirements set out by your local regulatory body and we recognize the importance of ensuring that this form can be customized. Although unavailable right now, this will be something we look to implement in the future.

In the meantime, some clinics have set up a separate consent form under Settings > Intake Forms that is sent to the client prior to or during the session.

💡Pro Tip: If you want this form to be sent out automatically to clients who book an Online Appointment for the first time, you can apply this setting in your intake form.

Here’s how. Within the General tab of your new consent form, select ‘Automatically prompt Patients/Clients who have not completed this form’ from the drop-down menu.

Then in the Appointment Type tab, you can select the specific sessions(s) you created for the Online Appointment:

If you would like to collect this consent prior to each session, you can set the form to be triggered manually, instead. Prior to the appointment, you will be able to send off the form via the client’s profile. This would follow a very similar process to what is described in our guide on Using Intake Forms for Consent to Treatment.

Alternatively, a provider could read out any additional required consent items to your client during the online appointment and document their verbal consent in a designated section of your chart note for the session.

Not at this time. As we continue to improve the consent interface for the Online Appointments feature, we intend to make sure that these consents are documented somewhere within the Jane platform. However, you cannot join a session without confirming the consent so joining a session indicates that consent was obtained.

Please see the question above, “Is the consent form shown prior to the session modifiable?”, for some alternatives on collecting and documenting consent in the meantime.

Will I be required to set up a separate set of sessions to facilitate Online Appointments?

If you’re already using Online Appointments, there’s no need to recreate any new sessions. If you’re brand new to Online Appointments then, yes, we recommend that you set up a separate set of treatments for any sessions types that include the additional audio/video conferencing feature.

For example, your treatment set-up may end up looking something like this:

  • In-Person Counselling Session (60-minutes)
  • Virtual e-Counselling Session (60-minutes)

In case it comes in handy, here is our step-by-step guide on Setting Up Online Appointments in your account.

Can my clients prepay for their appointment / is there a way for them to add their credit card on file online?

If you’re using Jane Payments, you can set an Online Booking Payment Policy. This allows you to charge for a session in full, take a deposit, or just collect credit card information when your clients books online. Your clients can also add a credit card from their client profile after they’ve booked online, or any other time, through their client portal.

If you don’t have Jane Payments set up yet, don’t worry! You can still generate and download an invoice for the session to send to your client.

Here’s a helpful guide on how to get started collecting payments for Online Appointments with each approach.

Does the practitioner need to join the call first or can the client start the call?

Either party can join the call first. If your client joins the call first, a green badge will appear on their appointment saying, ‘Client is waiting’.

When you join the call, you’ll see an Admit Client button that you can use to let them into the call.

When the client joins the call, they will enter a private waiting area— we’ve fondly named this the “Knock Knock” feature. 😉 They’ll see a message confirming their appointment details and letting them know their practitioner will admit them shortly.

If you enter the call before your client, there will be a chime 🔔 to let you know when they have arrived. The Admit Client button will light up blue and you can admit them whenever you’re ready.

The call will remain open indefinitely while at least one person is on the call. Either party will be able to join the call an hour before the appointment and up to an hour after.

Be right back

You may notice that the Hide Self View feature did not make it into this version of 1:1 Online Appointments. Not to worry, it’ll be added back soon!