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How to Update Your Safari Browser

Have you ever had those moments when your internet page starts acting a bit wonky? Updating your browser could be the fix you need! Not sure where to start? No stress, we’re here to help!

Here’s how you can keep Safari up to date on your Mac:

  • Start by clicking on the Apple menu and choosing System Preferences.

Screenshot on how to select the Apple menu and "System Preferences"

  • Next, click on General, and then select Software Update.

Screenshot on how to select "Software Update" from the "General" Apple settings

  • If there are updates available, just click on Update Now to get them installed.

Note: Don’t be alarmed, your Mac might need to restart a few times while it updates.

For convenience, you can also turn on Automatic updates in the Software Update settings to keep Safari always up to date.

It’s as easy as that! For more information on Browser Requirements, feel free to check out this guide. Happy browsing 😊

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