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My Patient or Client Didn’t Get Their Email Reminder: A Troubleshooting Guide

Patient or Client mentioned that they didn’t get their reminder? Here’s how to look into this!

1️⃣Check to see if they are opted in.

You will just want to check and make sure that they are opted in on their profile. If not, you can click the pencil, scroll down and opt them in. I’ve demonstrated how to check and how to opt them in, in the GIF below:

2️⃣Check their Message log, and or the History & Status section on the appointment panel.

If they are opted in, there’s a couple of ways to look into communication with a patient.

First of all you are able view the email/electronic communication log with patients in the “messages” tab in their profile, you will be able to see whether the receipt was sent/delivered. This is also a helpful tool to see whether an email/text reminder was sent for an appointment in the event of a no-show.

Here’s our Guide doc on the Message log, for further information on what those other statuses (delivered, sent, opened, bad_recipient, etc)

You can also see some details of the reminder/notification history for a specific appointment by going to the appointment on the schedule and scrolling down to the “History & Status” area - click on it to open it up and then you can see the details.

3️⃣ Is the reminder/notification type enabled in the settings?

With a Full Access account, head to Settings > Reminders & Notifications and make sure that the primary switch is on, or if you’re looking at the reminders– make sure the reminder is enabled.

Still need help?

If you’re still not able to determine why the patient didn’t receive their email, let us know! There are some cases where a patient may have accidentally marked an email as Spam, in which case we are required to stop emailing them. But if this was done in error– we are able remove them from the blacklist.

If you click the Need Help? button in the top right of your Jane screen– you can send us an email from there. Make sure you include the URL to the patient profile:

For patient privacy, we ask you to please not include any identifiable information in your email, such as the patient name, email address or phone number, please see the image below for an example:

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