Jane's Guide Here's all the help you need to use Jane.

Compensation Report

Whooop Whooop, it’s pay day! Whether it’s for the week, the month, or half the year, Jane can help you calculate a practitioner’s compensation.

First, we need to determine how you pay your staff. Do you pay your staff based on what has been invoiced or what has been collected?

If you are paying them on the collected total, you will want Cash accounting method which will only report revenue when the invoices have been paid - including invoice generate outside the date range.This method references the date the payment was applied to the invoice.

Otherwise you are searching for our Accrual accounting method, where reports are based on what has been invoiced, regardless of payments being received.

As a reminder the default Accounting method can be set under the Settings > Billing Settings.

Now with that decided, let’s mosey over to Reports on the top blue bar and select Compensation from the menu on the left.

  1. Filters

    Remember how we talked about accounting method, here is a place you can change this.

  2. Income Categories

    These are my favorite! If you haven’t already set these up have a quick read through our guide document.

    In short, these help you set different compensation rates for services and products. If you want to get fancy, you can split up your disciplines and separate this out even more!

  3. Total Income

    This section will display the total amount invoiced or collected within the date range. You can see the subtotal, tax and collected total.

  4. Commission Totals

    Now all that hard work during set up is paying off. Here you can see the breakdown of the total income at a commission rate that you set for the practitioner. Including or excluding tax.

  5. Processing Fees

    Jane allows you to charge a percentage or a flat fee on each transaction processed on behalf of a practitioner. This will be taken off of the staff member’s total compensation under the Fees section of the Compensation Report. Practitioner transaction fees are set within each Payment Method. If you haven’t set this fee or would like to change it, here is a guide walking your through this option step by step.

  6. Final Total

    Tad dah! A few simple clicks at the top to set your filter and BAM, Jane calculates the totals.

Are we done?… almost, check below for the extra features.


What happens if we provide a discount? How is the practitioner compensated.

Easy! There are two types of providers adjustments and Jane will add them to the practitioners total income before calculating the commissions. If you need jog your memory of which type you are using, have a quick read here


Can’t believe the amazing totals in the income section! Click the Details checkbox in the filter and scroll just beneath the practitioner summary. Here you can see the raw data.

And if you’d like to do your own calculations, feel free to export this information using the Excel button in the top right hand corner.

Pro tip: If you click Print, you can then Group by patient name and Hide (or show) $0.00 Staff