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Send Email to All Patients

Need to send an email to all of your patients? You can use a program called Mailchimp! We offer an integration with them, but this approach is a little different.

Let’s start by getting your list ready.

1) Prepare Your Patient List

Under a Full Access profile, start by clicking on the “Reports” tab in the header, and then head over to the “Patient List” report.

Emailing your entire patient list:

When you first load the page, Jane will load up your entire patient list.

If you’d like to send an email to your full patient list you can skip down to Exporting your patient list.

Emailing a smaller list of patients:

We’ve added a few handy filters if you are looking to email a smaller group of your patients:

  1. Created Date: this will help you narrow down the list of patients to those that were created by the patient or practitioner within the date range.
  2. Appointment Date: this will help you narrow down the list of patients to those that had an appointment booked in the schedule, with any practitioner, during that date range.

One thing to watch for with the Created Date is the date range; This must be larger than the range for the appointment date or it won’t return any results. You can’t have a patient with an appointment before they were created! :)

2) Exporting Your Patient List

Once you have the list narrowed down to the patients you want to contact, the next step is to export the list.

Click on the three dots on the top right of the report and then select “Export to CSV”.

A new tab will open up and after a few seconds, your CSV file should be ready for download. Click on “Download CSV File”.

Editing the file:

If you would like to open and edit the file, you can delete any data that you don’t want imported into your email platform.

If you are using Mailchimp, the minimum requirements are:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address

💡 If you’re using Mailchimp, make Email Address the first column in the CSV to simplify the import process.

You will then need to re-save the file in CSV format. This option can usually be accessed from the File menu in your spreadsheet program, labeled as “Export as .CSV” or “Download as .CSV”.

3) Login to MailChimp

You will need to set up a Mailchimp account if you haven’t done so already. To do this, head over to mailchimp.com and sign up for a free account. A free Mailchimp account allows you to send up to 1000 emails to 500 contacts per month (if you have 500 contacts that’s 2 emails per month).

Once you’ve signed up and added your business address information, you can skip the remaining steps until you have completed setup.

The following steps will be done on Mailchimp, so we have linked their helpful guides to keep things most up to date!

4) Create a new Audience

Recommended if you already have a Mailchimp account for other purposes. This allows you to have a list of just these patients for future mass emails.

5) Import your contacts

Follow these steps to bring the list into Mailchimp from your downloads folder.

6) Send the Email

In Mailchimp emails are called Campaigns, creating one will allow you to send out a mass email to your clients.

These guides should provide the most up-to-date information for you, but we know using multiple references for one task can be tricky, so we have also created a few videos for you too:

Marketing List

As mentioned at the start, Jane has a built-in integration to keep your marketing email list syncronyzed with Mailchimp, but Jane doesn’t actually send these emails, Mailchimp does. This list is made up of all the clients that have checked the box to indicate that they are okay with marketing emails.

The only mass email that sends from within Jane is when you first start up your account, Jane can send one mass email to welcome your patients and prompt them to sign up on the patient/client-side. Other than that, all mass emails that go to your entire client list and that are not appointment reminders/notifications, must be done via Mailchimp. :)

If you are communicating to your patients about COVID-19 please note that this type of email communication does not count as marketing and therefore would not fall under anti-spam legislation.

If you need help connecting your Jane account to Mailchimp, we’ve got a handy Guide that can help you with the steps and just generally understanding more about our integration with Mailchimp -> Mailchimp Integration Guide.

Happy emailing, and let us know if you have any questions on this!

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