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Lesson 7: Insurance

Jane University: Practitioner Training

💡Jane Tip: We recommend heading over to Jane’s Demo Clinic to practice as you learn! Contact us to request access. If you are a current Jane user, it’s best not to create fake or test data in your own account as it can be difficult to remove later on.

Lesson 7: Insurance & Billing to a 3rd-Party

In our 7th and final lesson, we’re diving into the wonderful world of insurance billing! Jane helps your clinic manage insurance claims and allows you to send invoices to 3rd-party payers.

Note: The features covered in this chapter are only available to clinics on our Insurance Plan.

Managing insurance claims can work a bit differently depending on where you are located. We’ve divided this final chapter by location, so if you are one of our lovely US clinics, skip on down to the US Billing section to start learning :)

Insurance & Billing to a 3rd-Party

Jane helps you submit and manage insurance claims by paper or through an online portal. To insure visits, there are a couple of things that first need to be set up in your Jane account. The video below will walk you through the full workflow of insurance billing, and shows how all the pieces come together once implemented at your clinic.

Note: The set up of insurance will need to be completed by a member of your team with Full Access.

Let’s review a few basic insurance billing work flows:

Creating Patient Claims

When you’re ready to start saving your patients’ insurance information, we call this ‘creating patient claims’.

This step may be completed by a front desk staff member, should your clinic have an administration team. To create a patient claim, you can begin from two main areas; The Patient’s Profile or from their Appointment.

Learn the steps to to creating a patient claim in the following guide:

Creating a Patient Claim

Practice Drill 🏈

Let’s try out entering patient insurance information.


  • Ryan Anderson is ready for his appointment at the Demo Clinic. He is seeing the clinic for low back pain.
  • Ryan let you know he has insurance coverage available with Manulife and has handed you his Manulife card. The card has a Policy #37895 and ID#10.
  • Navigate over to Ryan’s profile and head into the Billing tab.
  • Next, click into the Claims tab.
  • Use the New Claim button in blue to save Ryan’s Manulife claim information.

Touchdown! 📣

Booking an Insured Visit

Once you’ve created and saved a patient claim, you can start insuring your patient’s visit(s). The following guide provides a great overview of our recommended work flow for booking an insured visit:

Booking an Insured Visit

Managing the Insurer Invoice

We have many Jane users working with online portals to bill insurance companies directly for their client’s visits.

This might be Medavie Blue Cross, Pacific Blue Cross, Telus E-Claims (including WSIB), HCAI etc.

If you are billing to the portal immediately, you are able to click the blue insurer name at the top of the appointment panel to open the Claim Management Screen:

From here you can launch the portal using the shortcut button and you can see all the info you would need to submit through the portal on a single screen. Hooray!

There are also some great tips in the following guides that will help with managing claim submissions:

Working with Claim Submissions (Online Insurer Portal)

Working with Paper Insurer Invoices

💡Jane Tip: If you haven’t experienced working with two screens you might fall in love once you try it. Most computers have a second port you can just plug another monitor in. It’s glorious and every administrator’s dream.

USA - Insurance Billing

With our new US insurance features, Jane allows you to create Superbills, generate EDI files for claim submission, enter EOB’s, handle write-offs, and generate CMS-1500 forms. To submit and manage claims, there are a couple of things that first need to be set up in your Jane account.

Insurance Account Set Up

To walk through the insurance set up process step-by-step, a great way to start is by watching the videos linked below:

Getting Started With US Insurance

All done? Nothing can stop you now! Time to celebrate in Lesson 8.

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