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Family Profiles - Managing Family Members from the Patient Profile

Family members can now book appointments on behalf of each other through a single profile (try to contain your excitement)!

To put it plainly, one family member can book individual appointments for the whole family from their patient profile.

Psst… speaking of booking in the whole family, if you’re looking for a faster way to book related profiles into a Group Appointment (like family counselling) then check out our guide on Groups. Adding clients to a Group has no effect on their relationship permissions. Instead, it helps administrators book multiple related clients into a Group Appointment by searching for the group name (eg. The Smiths) instead of each individual client’s name.

How to Set Up Family Members

There are 3 different areas where family members can be set up:

1) Administratively - From the Patient’s Profile

You can set up relationships in Jane for your patients in their Patient Profiles regardless of whether you are using Jane Payments.

If you have existing patients at your clinic that would like to be set up as family members on your account to receive Appointment or Financial Emails, you’ll need to do this for them (they can’t do this themselves).

For a reminder on how to set these up, wander over to our guide on Patient Relationships.

From a patient’s profile, you can manage the permissions that they’ve granted a family member and manage the permissions that a family member has granted to your patient.

To manage the permissions granted in a relationship, you can click on the pencil icon beside the relationship:

Jane will display a relationship panel that allows you to:

1) Edit the family member’s relationship to the patient.

2) Edit the patient’s relationship to the family member.

3) Edit the permissions the patient has granted their family member.

4) Edit the permissions the family member has granted the patient.

2) When a New Patient Creates a Profile Online

For the following two options, you will need to enable the setting that allows patients to add related profiles. You can do this from Settings > Online Booking by ticking the box next to Allow patients to add related profiles.

When a new patient creates a profile at your clinic, Jane will ask them if they will be using the account to book for family members.

If the answer is yes, Jane will then ask for the family member’s relationship to the patient as well as the family member’s first name, last name, and email.

Please note that only the first and last name are mandatory.

Next, Jane will ask if the patient would like to grant permission for this individual to use their credit card(s) on file, (note your patients will only have this option if your clinic is set up with Jane Payments).

If the patient would like to give permission, they just need to check off the following box:

If your patient would like to add some more profiles, they can click the Add Another Family Member button.

Once your patient has added all of their family members, they can press Continue to start booking some appointments for the family.

3) Through a Patient’s My Account Page/ Patient Portal (Existing Patient)

If an existing patient would like to add some family members to their profile, they can do so by logging in to your online booking site and then heading to their My Account page.

From their My Account area, they can click on the Family Members tab.

From here, the patient can:

1) Add a new family member.

2) Edit the permissions they’ve shared with current family members.

One thing to note is that a patient can edit the permissions they’ve granted their family members in this area, but they can’t view or edit the permissions they’ve received from their family members.

What Permissions can a Patient Share with their Family Member?

Patients can grant different permissions to their family members:

1) Allow family members to use their credit cards on file.

2) Share a copy of their receipts, statements, and financial emails.

3) Share a copy of their email notifications and reminders.

4) Manage their online bookings and complete their intake forms.

5) Publish their appointments for their family member’s calendar subscriptions.

Your patient can share access to their credit cards directly from their account:

They can also remove permissions granted to them from their family members.

If your patient chooses to do so and wants them reinstated after, they will need to contact your clinic in order to protect the privacy and data of all your patients.

Please note that allowing a family member to use payment methods on file will apply to all current and future payment methods added to the granting patient’s profile.

For a reminder on how to help your patients set up their calendar subscriptions, please have a look at our guide on Calendar Subscriptions.

Duplicate Profiles

Online booking is gloriously helpful but also can result in duplicate profiles for your patients.

Jane has made it simple to merge profiles, especially using the Potential Duplicates report from the Reports tab.

Here’s a refresher on how to match up and merge any double-ups that this family feature may create in your account: Merging Patients.

The other way to help prevent duplicates is to link profiles for active families administratively.

Then the next time your clients go to book, they will automatically have the option to select a linked member during the online booking process.

You can link profiles using Jane’s Relationships feature and then enable the online booking permission.

For more information on Family Profiles:

Family Profiles - Payments with Shared Credit Cards

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As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. :)