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Getting Started with Clinic Sites

At Jane, we often get asked for advice on where to go for websites, and it can be tricky to find affordable options.

While your online booking page in Jane can be used as a standalone website (for clarification: an external website is not required in order to use Jane), some clinics like to have an external website as well to provide more information to prospective patients.

This guide is for you if you are looking to build a full website, beyond your Online Booking site. Though if you’re just looking for information on how to link your patients to your Online Booking page from your social media channels, check out this guide on Linking to Facebook and this one on linking to Instagram.

With Clinic Sites, you can set up a website in just a few minutes. Aside from the ease of set-up– you will no longer have to worry about making updates in multiple places.

It can be very challenging to keep the info in sync across your practice. Making changes to websites can sometimes be difficult - even when you know exactly what you want to update! The Clinic Sites integration will take care of that for you, automatically.

The integration brings over your:

Logo Brand Colours Location Info Services and Service Description Staff Pictures & Bios “Schedule an Appointment” link to your Jane booking page.

So if you change any of these items in your Jane settings, they will automatically update in your Clinic Sites website.

Clinic Sites is offering fully-hosted websites to the Jane Community for $39 a month, in addition to an initial setup fee of $149, which is currently being waived as an introductory rate until September 1st, 2020

And you can visit them online at clinicsites.co.

Whether you are looking to update or refresh your website or building one for the very first time, we hope you find this a helpful addition to your practice.


What information is being pulled over?

Only information that is currently publicly accessible: logo, location, hours, providers, primary and secondary colours. Other information that is not publicly accessible can be pulled over.

Does ClinicSites have access to any other information in my account?

No other information is available to be pulled over into a ClinicSites website, nor to Clinic Sites staff have access to this non-public information. Nothing from admin and no patient information is accessible via the integration.

For here’s a Guide with more information on Third Party Apps

Are there any other resources that describe the Clinic Site integration?

Promo Video: https://player.vimeo.com/video/397045674

How does it work and how to get started: https://vimeo.com/427893607

What can Clinicsites do in terms of SEO?

We know how important it is to rank well on Google. We want to give clinic owners the opportunity to do their own SEO because we know how expensive it can be to hire someone to do it ($750-1000/mo). Clinic Sites has a number of resources about SEO in their knowledgebase.

Click here to check out clinic Sites’ SEO resources

The alternative is to hire an SEO agency to do your SEO for you! :)

Does Clinicsites have an integrated shop?

Not directly, but Clinic Sites can work with e-commerce in two ways.

  1. An easy-to-create button that links to an existing Shopify or other e-commerce platform.

  2. If you have some snippet of code exported from their e-commerce platform (Widget, iframe, API, those kinds of things– if that’s an option that your e-commerce platform provides), you can easily embed it into any of your blocks.

Can I port my existing website over to Clinic Sites?

Most websites don’t offer a ‘port’ option, since existing websites are coming from so many different platforms. The only way to bring a site over is with the old copy/paste technique.

For an additional fee– Clinic Sites does offer a site migration service (~$500 USD). You’ll just want to contact them for more information on that at [email protected]

What are the benefits of switching over my current website?

The main advantage is that if your treatments, staff, locations or brand details change in Jane, you won’t need to update your website to reflect those same details. This will be done automatically for you. This can be really helpful if you don’t want to hire someone to maintain your website.

Another advantage is that there are easy-to-use blocks of content that clinics can adjust on their own. So if they want to add a contact form or about page to their website, they can do it without needing to know any technical details.