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Setting up a Membership

Chiros, PTs, Pilates & Yoga Instructors, you name it! We have a little something for you to add to your offerings.😍 Our Memberships feature isn’t only going to save you time administratively, they can also provide a predictable stream of revenue to your clinic, and encourage your clients to return back to the clinic, and adhere to their treatment program.

We know you’re eager to learn more, but before we dive in, we have to cover two fundamental questions:

What is a membership and how does it differ from a package?


A membership is a special type of offering that provides your clients with a discount on a subset of services for as long as they are enrolled.

The primary difference between a Package and a Membership has to do with how often your client is invoiced.

  • A Package is a one-time purchase with a fixed number of uses that can be redeemed, like a punchcard.
  • A Membership can have multiple recurring invoices, and can have either a fixed or unlimited number of uses, like a subscription. Since clients can be set up to be invoiced at regular intervals, payments can be scheduled to automatically process a card on file via Jane Payments if available. To get started with Jane Payments, you can head into Settings and select Jane Payments on the left-hand side.

Want to learn more about Jane’s Membership feature? Check out our handy FAQs guide. In the rest of this guide, we’ll cover how to set up and get started with Memberships in your account.

Setting up a Membership


To get started with setting up a new Membership, a full-access user will be able to head over to the Settings > Packages & Memberships area of their account and click on the New Package or Membership button.

From here, you can select the type of pass that you would like to create— we’ll want to select Membership here.

Next, we can start specifying the details of your offer:

📍 Name: Give a name to the membership that you will be offering— keep in mind that this will be used for both internal use and on client-facing documents.

📍 Amount per Billing Cycle: You will want to specify how much and how often your client will be invoiced. We’ll determine how many times a patient is invoiced a bit later on in the form.

📍 Taxes & Price Includes Tax: Indicate whether the recurring membership invoice is taxable. If so, tick off the applicable taxes and indicate whether or not the Amount is before or inclusive of tax.

📍 Income Category: You can assign an income category of which these membership sales will fall under. If you charge an additional fee for your eligible treatments, that income will fall under the category you’ve already assigned to it under Treatments & Classes > Edit area.

In the example below, we’ve created a new Membership called “3 Month Wellness Plan” which creates an $89.00 invoice on a monthly basis.


Next, we can specify the Usage and Eligibility preferences.

📍 Expires After: Determines how long a Membership is valid for. Once expired, a membership can no longer be redeemed (even if there are uses remaining). Since in our # Month Wellness Plan example, we want the membership to bill the patient every month for 3 months, we will set this value to “3”.

📍 Cancellable After: Represents the cancellation policy for this membership. A clinic staff member will be able to cancel a membership at any time, regardless of the cancellation policy. This cancellation policy will appear on the Membership term document that you can provide your clients.

💡 Note: Membership management is an administrative-only feature. Clients will not be able to cancel their membership online at this time. Learn more about Deleting and Cancelling Memberships.

📍 Quantity: The number of “uses” or “punches” that are available to be redeemed for this particular membership per billing cycle.

📍 Auto-Select for Patient: If a patient (a) has a valid membership and (b) is booking online, if (c) this option is enabled, then Jane will automatically apply the membership to the appointment upon booking. This is a handy setting that can help save a bit of time for your administrative staff.


Finally, we will want to specify which sessions are eligible to be redeemed under this particular membership deal. The options in the Eligible Items field are pre-populated based on the existing Treatments and Classes that you have set up for your clinic.

In the case of our 3 Month Wellness Plan, we want to specify that this membership is good for chiropractic subsequent visits (adjustments).

Jane will display the length of time and default price that has been set for those items.


Next to each eligible item are two columns: the first being Patient Pays and the second, Staff Compensation. These fields help specify a couple of additional billing aspects when a package is used for this particular appointment type.

📍 Patient Pays: This field indicates any additional payment you want to collect from your patient for this particular type of appointment. With most memberships, the patient pays their portion up front, and there is no additional cost per appointment. In this case, you would want to set this field to $0.

However, there may be instances where an additional non-zero amount is collected from the patient for each session. In these cases, an amount can be entered into this field.

For example, you may offer a membership that is $100 per month. If the patient redeems the membership for a regular session, the cost of the appointment is covered. However, there might be a special type of session where a small additional out-of-pocket fee is applied. In this case, we would want to enter this amount in the Patient Pays field to reflect this additional fee.

📍 Staff Compensation: This field determines how much the individual session is worth prior to commission on a staff member’s Compensation Report. As memberships often offer a slight discount to clients for pre-paying for multiple packages at a time, the actual value per session may be lower than the typical standalone amount.

Learn more about Understanding Package and Membership Compensation.

And that’s all there is to it! Once your membership has been created, you can begin selling and redeeming your memberships for clients. Any memberships that have been invoiced and redeemed will also show up on the Package & Membership Sales and Usage Reports for your reference.