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Working With Couples & Families in Jane

Learn how to use Jane’s Relationships feature to link client accounts and see the two workflows we recommend for working with couples in Jane.

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From the Chat and Q&A

Q: If I don’t turn on one of the permissions in a Relationship, can the client go into their Account and turn it on themselves?

A: If you have enabled your clients to Add Related Profiles in the Booking, Cancellations, & Relationships section of your Online Booking Settings, they will be able to go in and edit the Permissions for their Relationship with another client. They will not be able to edit the Permissions for that client’s relationship to them. For example, if Becky and Thomas have a Relationship set up in Jane and Becky decided to make some changes, here is what she could do:

If they remove the permissions and want them reinstated after, they will need to contact your clinic in order to protect the privacy and data of all patients.

Q: Can we add both parent’s email addresses to a child’s profile?

A: You can only have one email attached to each profile. That being said, you can create a profile for each parent and set up a Relationship with the child for both. This way, both parents will be able to manage bookings, receive emails, etc. through their own log-in!

There are some exciting changes coming…

We’re always trying to make Jane better! We’re actively working on features that we know will make working with couples and families in Jane easier. If you’d like to help us with that, you can become a Beta tester for Jane’s upcoming Group Appointments & Group Telehealth features. 🎉

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